How to stop flying on Charizard Let’s Go (how to land a flying Charizard)

I always enjoy flying my Charizard in the Pokémon Let’s Go, and I have always wondered if there is a quicker way I can get off it without going back to the menu and putting my flying Charizard in its Poke Ball.

I realized it was hard to land a flying Charizard once I mounted it, and I could only stop it after landing at the selected destination.

Like many, I found it annoying, especially when I wanted to get an item while still flying. Let’s continue the chat to learn how to stop flying on Charizard Let’s Go.

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How to get down from a flying Charizard

✈️The only way you to get down from a flying Charizard in Pokémon Let’s Go is to return it in the Poke Ball. You can follow these steps to get the Charizard down:

  1. Open up the menu.
  2. Go to your party and select the party.
  3. Choose the Pokémon, which is now Charizard.
  4. Press the + button on the party screen and ensure that the cursor is over the Charizard to return Charizard in the Poke Ball faster😊.

🔮Another way to get down from a Charizard in Pokémon Let Go is to select another Pokémon from the team so that you can take it out of its Poke Ball. Put the new Pokémon in the field, and it will make the Flying Charizard return to its Poke Ball.

How to make Charizard fly low

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Charizard fly low. Image source: Pinterest

😞You cannot control Charizard’s flying ability at lower heights since it is not possible to alter the altitude of the flying Charizard in Pokémon Let’s Go.

The reason behind it not flying low during the game is that a Charizard automatically flies to its designated location without adjusting its altitude once it is mounted.

The feature to make Charizard fly low is not available in Pokémon Let’s Go since the altitude of Charizard is already determined by the Pokémon company guidelines of the game.

A Pokémon gamer cannot alter Charizard’s altitude in any way during the flying process.

How to land a flying Charizard

🛬Charizard does not land manually in Pokémon Let’s Go. Charizard flies until it arrives at the intended destination . You can use the steps below to fly and land a flying Charizard:

Steps to land a flying Charizard


Select a destination

Choose the destination for landing and make sure you, as a character, can stand in that location. It can be a building or a fence.

Fly to your desired location.

  • Open the menu.
  • Select Pokémon.
  • Select Charizard from your party.
  • Tap the “Fly” option.
  • Select your location from the map that will pop up.

Automatic landing

Since your Charizard automatically lands itself, wait for it to arrive at the selected destination, and it will immediately land. Note that the Charizard cannot land on a different destination other than the one you selected.

Disembark from Charizard

Your character automatically disembarks from the back of the Charizard immediately after you have landed the Charizard.

Is there a way to switch from flying high to walking Charizard?

exit the flying mode on Charizard in Pokémon Let's Go
Flying Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

🙅In Pokémon Let’s Go, a flying Charizard cannot switch from flying high to walking Charizard on the ground.

When you select Charizard to land at a certain destination, the action is automated, and it cannot be switched to a walking Charizard.

You cannot use Charizard to explore on foot since the anime is only used to fly to a destination you select during the game.

In the event you want to explore on foot, you will have to wait for the flying Charizard to land at the specified location you chose.

After it has landed, you will get off the character from the Charizard’s back and explore on foot. If you want to switch during the flight, you can opt to return the Charizard to its Poke Ball by following the steps mentioned earlier on how to get down from a flying Charizard.

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