Can You Change What Pokeball A Pokémon Is In? (Is There Any Way To Change A Pokémon’s Pokeball?)

Pokeballs are essential to any Pokémon game, and I know for sure, that the better the Pokeball, the better chances you have of catching good Pokémon.

But, unfortunately, changing Pokeballs isn’t always easy. You have to know different tips and tricks, both legal and illegal 🤫.

If you want to learn more about switching Pokeballs across various Pokémon games, keep reading.

Can You Switch The Pokeball A Pokémon Is In Violet?

Pokeball-Can You Change What Pokeball A Pokémon Is In?
Switch The Pokeball A Pokémon Is In Violet. Image source: Pokemon

No, you cannot switch Pokeballs in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. A Pokeball is a round device that catches and stores Pokémon.

There are many types of Pokeballs you can use in the Pokémon game series, and Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is no different.

You can keep your Pokémon in Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and the regular Pokeballs. But, sadly, it is impossible for you to legitimately switch them up.

Let’s cross our fingers that that changes soon 🤞.

Can You Change Starter Pokémon Pokeball?


No, unfortunately, all starter Pokémon come in the standard regular Pokeball, which cannot be legally changed. The only tested way some players have done it is by hacking the Pokémon game with an AR 👨🏻‍💻, letting their Pokémon into the wild, and catching them with a luxury ball. This is very risky, though, because the Pokémon game has a hacker monitor which may be triggered. You stand the risk of facing unsavory consequences.

Can You Breed A Pokémon Into A Different Pokeball?

Pokémon’s Pokeball- Is There Any Way To Change A Pokémon’s Pokeball?
Breed A Pokémon Into A Different Pokeball. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, you can breed a Pokémon into a different Pokeball. Two compatible Pokémon can produce an egg (offspring) through breeding.

When a male and female of the same species breed, there is a 50/50 chance they will pass down their Pokeball or give a random one.

If they are of different species, the egg will take the female’s Pokeball unless in special cases, like when the breeding occurs with a Ditto where the offspring takes the non-Ditto’s Pokeball.

The only Pokeballs that cannot be passed through breeding are Masterball and Cherishball.

What Is The Best Poké Ball In Pokémon Violet?

Is There Any Way To Change A Pokémon’s Pokeball?
The Best Poké Ball In Pokémon Violet. Image source: Pokemon

According to many skilled Pokémon players, Masterball is the best Pokeball in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

It is touted as having an impressive 100% success catch rate 💯 and is quite special because you can only get it after beating the game. Aside from Masterball, here are other great options:


Success Catch Rate

Ultra Ball


Great Ball


Fast Ball

4x if the Pokémon’s speed is 100 and above

Dream Ball

4x if the Pokémon is asleep

How To Change Pokeball In Pokemon Unbound


To change your Pokémon’s Pokeball in Pokémon Unbound, you will need the assistance of the Cube Corp NPC in the post-game.

This merchant NPC will give your Pokémon a new Pokeball in exchange for a Ring Target. But what if you don’t have enough Ring Targets?

Well, simply trade in some BP at Battle Frontier. Also, the Cube Corp NPC is available all day long at your service.

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