What Does Pokemon Master Mean? (What Does Being a Pokémon Master Mean?)

I got my hands on the Pokemon Masters game and quickly completed the story chapters. While I enjoyed the game, I wondered what would happen after I was done.

Also, these games got me thinking about what it means to be a Pokemon Master. I noticed there’s never been a clear-cut definition. Curious 🧐, I asked some friends, but they couldn’t pinpoint a definition.

We discussed existing theories but couldn’t agree on who a Pokemon Master was.

Determined to solve this puzzle, I scoured the internet for answers. Here’s what I found out…

What does it really mean to be a Pokemon Master?


Pokemon has left the definition of Pokemon Master vague. According to a response email sent to Bulbapedia, doing so encourages players to be imaginative, which increases the mystery and excitement of the Pokemon Universe.

Interestingly, they got what they wanted since this decision has resulted in several fan theories.

Some believe a Pokemon Master is a regional or international champion. Others insist that a Pokemon Master is one who’s captured all Pokemon.

Likewise, some argue that a Master is one who fully understands the Pokemon – human interactions. Finally, some believe that a Pokemon Master is one with a deep understanding of Mega Evolution.

In a nutshell, defining Pokemon Master is impossible. The Pokemon creators intentionally left it undefined, giving rise to fan theories based on the anime, games, and Manga.

How to become a Pokemon Master

There isn’t a clear blueprint on how to become a Pokemon Master 🤷. This was an indirect result of Pokemon’s creators failing to define what a Pokemon Master is.

Therefore, like the definition, becoming a Pokemon Master is subjective. Here are some theories 👇:




Catch all Pokemon.

Befriend every Pokemon.

Defeat Mewtwo.

Become a Champion Master.


Complete the Pokedex.

Become the Champion.


A famous trainer who battles Pokemon in tournaments.


The official handbook states that trainers can rise to Master if they defeat or catch Mewtwo.

It also calls members of the Elite Four “Master Trainers.” Therefore, trainers who join the Elite Four qualify for the title “Pokemon Master.”

What is the point of Pokemon Masters?

Pokémon Master Meaning
Pokemon Masters. Image source: Pinterest

Pokemon Masters is a mobile game released in 2019. It lets players experience a new way of battling on the go.

In this game, you face famous trainers from the games.

The game features 3 vs. 3 matches in the Pasio region and gives you Pikachu as a starter Pokemon.

Do Pokémon evolve in Pokémon Masters?

Yes. Some Pokemon in this game evolve. Unlike other games, however, evolution follows a different path. For instance, a Piplup, Pikachu, or Snivy requires a level 30 Sync Pair. Once you reach this, you’ll get a Sync Pair side story that ends in your Pokemon evolving.

What happens after Pokémon Masters?

What Does Being a Pokémon Master Mean?
Pokémon Masters. Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned, Pokemon Masters was released in 2019, making it relatively new. As such, the game still receives updates and content 🙂. Pokemon is yet to announce what will happen after the game.

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