Can We Catch Arceus in Pokemon Go?(Can You Get Arceus in Pokemon Go?)

Like many Pokemon Go players, I’ve always wanted to get my hands on Arceus. However, this has remained a pipe dream… until now 😀.

Recently, Poke AK suggested that Arceus might debut in Pokemon Go. These rumors offer hope, although Niantic has yet to confirm them.

Not only that, but they’ve also caused a buzz online, with people sharing how Niantic would implement this.

So, I decided to add my two cents on whether we can get Arceus in Pokemon Go.

Can we catch Arceus in Pokemon GO?

Catch Arceus in Pokemon Go
Arceus in Pokemon GO. Image source: Pokemon

No. You cannot catch Arceus in Pokemon Go. At least not for now. However, rumors suggest Niantic might introduce this Legendary Pokemon in the upcoming 2024 Go Fest.

Arceus, a Normal-type mythical Pokemon, packs quite the punch. According to Pokedex entries, Arceus hails from Sinnoh and is the original Pokemon.

Arceus is credited with creating Sinnoh, Ransei, and possibly the Pokemon Universe as we know it. It has 18 different forms and packs some impressive stats. Here’s a table breaking down Arceus’ stats 👇:






Alpha Pokemon




320 Kg





Sp. Attack


Sp. Defense




Although not in Pokemon Go yet, Arceus features in other games in the series, most notably in the Legends: Arceus series and Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond Shinning Pearl.

You can capture Arceus in these games by visiting the Hall of Origin at the end of the game. Pokemon Go players can only hope and pray that rumors by the Poke AK are true.

How to Get Arceus in Pokémon GO

Catching Arceus in Pokemon Go
Arceus in Pokémon GO. Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned, Arceus isn’t available on Pokemon Go. However, rumors suggest players may see this Pokemon in the 2024 Go Fest.

As a result of these rumors, several hypothetical guides have popped up on the best way to catch Arceus.

Some suggest that since it’s a Normal Type Pokemon, Arceus is weak against Fighting Type Pokemon. However, it’s worth noting that Arceus can change typing to match the Pokemon you’re using 🧐.

Therefore, use two or more Pokemon in your attack. The first will bait Arceus into one type, and the second should beat that type. Furthermore, stockpile Potions and Revives to help you last longer in these battles.

Again, remember, Arceus isn’t available on Pokemon Go. Therefore, these suggestions are based on other games and Arceus’ stats.

We’ll have to wait for Niantic to release details about Arceus.

Can you transfer Arceus to Pokemon Go?


No. It’s impossible to transfer Arceus to Pokemon Go. The games don’t allow trading from Legends: Arceus into Pokemon Go.

What’s interesting, however, is that you can transfer from Pokemon Go to Legends: Arceus.

Why isn’t Arceus in Pokemon Go 🤔?

Can You Get Arceus in Pokemon Go?
Arceus in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Arceus hasn’t debuted in Pokemon Go because of Elemental Typing. As mentioned, Arceus can change typing in the main series.

As such, implementing this in Pokemon Go could pose a challenge. However, core games in the series let you use plates to change their typing.

Some speculate Niantic might implement this should they introduce Arceus.

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