How many EVs can Pokémon have? (is there a level to EVs in Pokémon?)

Playing video games was always the highlight of my day growing up. I first learned about EVs from a friend in middle school who was a big fan of Pokémon.

EV, which stands for effort value, means how much your Pokémon grows with each battle it encounters. Since I have exemplary experience in Pokémon games and stats, I will help you understand how many EVs a Pokémon can have and if there is a limit to the number of EVs it can have.

How does EV training work in Pokémon?

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The first step in EV training is to ensure that you work on the EV spread. The starter points are 510, and you need to determine how you plan on distributing your points.

There are several effective EV spreads that have been proven to work well, including the 252/252/6


You can make training easier by focusing on one stat at a time and determining which Pokemon to fight repeatedly to get the EVs you need. However, as you proceed, you can find more optimal ways to carry out the training.

You can speed up the EV training process by using a few features and items, such as vitamins, For example, you can use proteins to increase your attack EVs and iron to boost your defenses.

Other items include power items, a set of six items that give a bonus amount of EVs for their respective stats. i.e., a power bracer item for attack, a power belt for defense, and a power brace for speed.

Is there a limit to EVs in Pokémon?

Number of EVs Pokémon  can have
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Yes, there is a limit to EVs. The maximum number of EVs a Pokémon can have is 510 EVs in total, with 252 EVs per stat.

This means you can only max out two stats.


One stat (e.g., attack)

Another stat (e.g., speed)

Final stat (for special-based sweepers)






Can Pokémon give multiple EVs?

level to EVs in Pokémon?
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Yes, they can provide multiple EVs. Each Pokémon starts at 0 EVS and can have a maximum of 255 EVS. This means you will only have two stats, although it is recommended to have a stat of 252.

Your Pokémon EV should not exceed 510, which is the effective capacity. However, Pokémon that do not participate in battle do not get any EVs 😥.

How many EVs can a Pokémon gain per level?

Pokémon can only gain a maximum of 510 EVS spread throughout all six of its stats, with each stat having a maximum of 252 EVs.

The Pokémon cannot exceed the maximum Stats and EV spread due to limited effort value gain.❌ ❌

What does 252 EV mean?

Pokémon-How many EVs can Pokémon have? 
252 EV. Image source: Pinterest

EV is a stat experience; that is the Pokémon’s effort value. Your Pokémon gains EVs upon defeating other Pokémon or getting experience from a defeated Pokémon.

252 EV is the maximum number of EVs a Pokémon can have in a stat.

There you have it. I hope this article improves your knowledge of Pokémon’s EVs.

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