How to Tell If Pokémon Are Rare (How to Check Pokémon Card Rarity)

When I was young, I was obsessed with Pokémon and collected lots of cards, including a few rare ones. I got cards from events, trading with my classmates, and some were gifts from my parents.

I am all grown, and Pokémon Cards have monetary value. I have sold most, some at very good prices ☺. However, I struggled with determining if my cards were rare.

I got scammed once, where I sold a rare card for less since I lacked proper information. If you are having a similar challenge, read on to learn how to tell if your card is rare and more.

What Are the Rare Symbols in Pokémon?

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Pokémon Cards have rarity symbols on the bottom right corner, which could either be a circle, star, or diamond. Some cards have a secret symbol on the collector number.

Other cards lack symbols but instead have the word ‘Promo’ printed on them. You need to learn the meaning of these symbols so that you can tell how rare your card is.

If your card has a white or black circle, it means that it is a common card with less monetary value.

A card with a black or white diamond is much harder to find, hence of higher value. Cards that have a white or black star are very rare and valuable ⭐.

The card is even more valuable if the star is silver or gold. Sometimes, you may encounter a card with a collector number like 116/115.

This means that it is card number 116 out of 115. This is only possible when your card is one of a Secret Rare set.

Lastly, you may encounter cards that, instead of having a symbol, have the word ‘Promo’ imprinted on them. These are issued during events or gaming promotions.

Some are limited edition, hence rare and valuable. This table shows a summary of rare symbols in Pokémon card and their meaning.










Could be rare or not.

How Do You Know if a Pokémon Is Original?

Tell If Pokémon Are Rare 
How Do You Know if a Pokémon Is Original? Image source: Pinterest

To tell if your Pokémon Card is original, check its evolution, the font on the card’s text, and the holofoil stamp. Before you begin this check, have an original card to use as a template.

An original Pokémon card is printed in high-quality ink, and the font is neat. If the text on your card is blurry with spelling and grammar errors, it is likely to be fake ☹.

Also, original cards feature their evolution. If you do not spot this on your card, there is a high chance it is fake.

You might also want to check for the holofoil stamp. Any card that lacks this stamp on the bottom right corner is definitely a fake.

Lastly, compare the original card to the card you suspect to be fake. The edges of an original Pokémon card have a thin black line sandwiched between both sides. Usually, a fake card will lack this feature.

How to Check Pokémon Card Value

Checking if Pokémon Card is rare
Pokémon Card Value. Image source: Pinterest

To check your card value, you need to consider its condition, rarity, and demand. The condition of your card largely determines its value.

A well-maintained card, without damage, fold, or bends, will collect a good price 💸. Rare cards with special features are also considered to be very valuable.

For instance, if you have a limited edition card, it is considered very valuable. Lastly, some cards come and go out of demand, depending on certain seasons.

You may want to keep certain cards that have potential for demand and introduce them to the market when demand is highest.

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