What is the fastest water type Pokémon? (Five fastest water type Pokémon ranked)

Among the most thrilling aspects of my Water-type Pokémon is speed 💨. I can’t get enough of gallant, speedy Water Pokémon, which is why I spend countless hours ranking them.

I have also noticed that speed is a common Pokémon feature that elates most trainers because I often get the question on the fastest Water-type Pokémon.

So, join me in this exciting aquatic adventure as we discuss the top five fastest water type Pokémon.

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The five fastest water-type Pokémon ranked


Discover the fastest Water-type Pokémon
Barraskewda. Image source: Pokemon

Barraskewda is the fastest 🚤 water-type Pokémon because it has the highest base speed stat of 136. Its fast speed is a valuable asset, and I use it not only to avoid attackers but also to deliver swift attacks.

The speed also complements its huge body size, making it a formidable opponent.


about the speediest Water-type Pokémon
Greninja. Image source: Pokemon

Greninja has a base speed stat of 122, which was the fastest before it was dethroned by Barraskewda. Besides its high speed, this Pokémon has dynamic move sets together with Protean ability which makes it adapt easily to opponent’s strategies.

Although it does not have the highest speed stat, it is every trainer’s dream to have it on the team.


ranking of the top five speedy Pokémon
Inteleon. Image source: Pokemon

Inteleon has a base speed of 120, which blends excellently with its sleek body. Apart from its swiftness, I also like its keen sniper abilities and evasive maneuvers, which make it a formidable force for my team.

Its evolutionary line emphasizes speed and precision, which is the reason I choose it over and over again when looking for agility and strategic versatility.


Explore the top five fastest Water-type Pokémon with our ranked list
Starmie. Image source: Pokemon

With a base speed of 115, Starmie earns a seat 💺 at the table of the fastest water-type Pokémon. This is also my favorite Pokémon because I find its swiftness, coupled with the Psychic typing, to be unique and suitable for both offensive and defensive options.

Most trainers also like its adaptability and access to moves like Thunderbolt and Ice Beam, which make it a strategic choice for trainers seeking a fast and diverse Water-type competitor.


the fastest water type Pokémon
Floatzel. Image source: Pokemon

Floatzel’s base speed of 115 makes him one of the swiftest aquatic Pokémon. I like his sleek design and agility and enjoy it when he outpaces the opponents.

I sometimes feel like he is the fastest water-type Pokémon due to his signature ability, Swift Swim, and doubled speeds in rainy weather.

As a trainer, this is a Pokémon that your opponents will reckon facing.

Who is the strongest water-type Pokémon?

It is not easy to determine the strongest water-type Pokémon because there are a lot of factors to consider, including base stats, move pool, abilities, and the specific criteria used for evaluation.

However, most trainers believe that Primal Kyogre is the strongest 💪 water type Pokémon. They say that since Primal Kyogre is a legendary Pokemon that has high base stats in Special Attack and HP, it must be the strongest.

They also say that his signature moves, Origin Pulse, make him a formidable force.

The table below shows Kyogre’s base statistics in his two forms.


Regular Kyogre

Primal Kyogre










Special Attack



Special Defense






Total Base Stats



Who is the god of water-type Pokémon?

fastest water type Pokémon ranked
Water-type Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Many people consider Primal Kyogre as the god of water type Pokémon. They view his ability to expand the oceans 🌊 as an immense strength.

Such a perception is also influenced by the immense base statistics of the two Kyogre forms.

The basic Kyogre form has an impressive base total stats of 670, while the Primal Kygre form has a base total stat of 770.

Others persceive its while design as an indication of immense strength in the sea.

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