Is Mega Latios good in Pokémon Go? (Is Latios strong in Pokémon GO?)

I wanted to challenge myself by catching the powered-up mega evolution of Latios known as mega Latios in Pokémon GO. I loved Mega Latios since I had heard that it has a solid performance on both dragon-type and psychic-type sides.

However, catching it was not easy since I had to successfully complete a Mega Raid. To achieve this, I teamed up with a group of high-level trainers.

My experience inspired me to create this post to share with you everything you should know regarding mega latios and latios.

So, stick around for that!

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Is Latios strong in Pokémon GO?

Is Latios strong in Pokémon GO?
Latios in Pokémon GO. Image source: Pinterest

Yes.💪 Latios is strong in Pokémon GO since it has high stats among the dragon types. Its maximum CP is among the highest in all dragon-type Pokémon.

This Pokémon is 9th for top attack so far in the game. Latios also has a powerful mega evolution, but it is outclassed by titans like Mega Mewtwo Y and Mega Rayquaza. Latios can mega evolve into Mega Latios using Latiosite.

What type of attack is Latios Pokémon?

🐉Latios Pokémon is a dragon-type attacker. It can use both fast attack and charged attack. The best combination depends on how you want to utilize it.

Some of the fast attack moves it can use include dragon breath and zen headbutt. On the other hand, it can use charged attack moves like dragon claw and luster purge.

This Pokémon is unique since it is the only one only that can learn Luster Purge. Its evolved form mega latios makes use of the levitate ability that makes it immune to Ground-type attacks like toxic spikes, spikes, earth power, and earthquake.

What is the best moveset for Latios in Pokémon Go?

effectiveness of Mega Latios in Pokémon Go
Moveset for Latios in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

According to some players, the best move set for Latios is dragon claw and dragon breath. Others suggest that when attacking Pokémon in gyms, the best moveset for these Pokémon are Psychic and Dragon Breath.

This moveset is also the best for PVP battles, and it has a high total DPS and a max CP of 3812. Here is a table that summarizes its moveset.




38.6 dps



Dragon Breath

14.4 dps

Zen Headbutt

13.1 dps

When battling in neutral weather, the best move set for mega latios is psychic and dragon breath with 21.08 damage per second. 😵It can also deal 767.8 damage before fainting.

What is Latio’s weakness in Pokémon Go?

the performance of Mega Latios in Pokémon Go
Latio’s weakness in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Latios has a lot of weaknesses that make it easy for you to burn it. This legendary Pokémon is vulnerable to other dragon types, fairy, bug, ghost, dark, and ice types.

Therefore, you can use these types when batting Latios. It has the same weaknesses even when Mega evolved.

Despite its weaknesses, Latios is an intelligent Pokémon that understands human speech. 😲This Pokémon can make others see an image of what it imagines in its head.

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