What is the best Titan Battles order in Pokémon Violet? (What is the first Titan you should fight in Pokémon Violet?)

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is an open world game, meaning players can walk around and tackle gyms, titans and team star bases in whatever order they choose.

However, while this is true, playing without a particular order will get you knocked out by a titan almost immediately (I should know! 😭😓).

I have played long enough and done enough research to know what Pokémon Violet order works best for defeating Titans.

Here’s all you need to know.

Do you have to fight Titans in order in Pokémon Violet?

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No. There’s no particular order for fighting titans, gym leaders, and team star bases in Scarlet and Violet, meaning the player can take on whichever opponent they choose to go against first.

However, there’s an order in which you can fight and defeat all the five Titans within the Path of Legends without getting beaten up repeatedly.

The Titans are large Pokémon that have grown beyond the regular Pokémon appearances because of the Herba Mystica they protect. One has to challenge each of them and win.

Not fighting the Titans in order means you will encounter high-leveled Pokémon first, then fight the basic ones later. This not only takes away from the entertainment of the game; it can also affect how you perform in the other paths of the game – Victory Road and Starfall Street.

The ultimate Pokémon Scarlet and Violet order is a convoluted path that combines the three storylines to allow players to fight Titans, gym leaders, and team star bases.

What is the first Titan you should fight in Pokémon Violet?

What is the first Titan you should fight in Pokémon Violet?
Fight in Pokémon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

🪨The first Titan you encounter in Scarlet and Violet is Titan Klawf from the East of Mesagoza. The Arven NPC leads the player towards this side, allowing them to start encountering the Titans in the Path of Legends.

Stony cliff Titan Klawf is a rock type Pokémon who is weak to fighting, ground and steel types.

This Titan has the lowest level, and you can catch it as a level 16 Pokémon after the defeat. The other Titans follow in order of increasing levels and power.

Here’s a table on all the Titans and their levels! 💯





Possible weaknesses

Stony Cliff

Titan Klawf



Fighting, steel, ground

Open Sky

Titan Bombardier



Rock, electric, ice

Lurking Steel

Titan Orthworm



Fire, electric, water

Quaking Earth

Great Tusk/Iron Treads



Fire, psychic, poison, water, electric

False Dragon


Water, water/dragon

56 and 57

Fairy, ice, grass

How do people know the levels of the Titan Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Titan Battles order in Pokémon Violet
Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Image source: Pinterest

All Titans in Violet have hidden levels the first time you encounter them. These levels are fixed for all initial attempts, even though they appear as question marks before you defeat the Titan.

Players can determine Titan levels by defeating and capturing them. Ex-titans have the same levels as the original Titans.

If you’re deep in the gaming world and want to determine Titan levels without fighting them first, you can use the game code to calculate the stats for each Titan, gym leader, and star base.

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