Can Pokémon die? (Do Pokémon die of old age?)

I’ve always thought that Generation 1 has a dark undertone that forces people to face the idea that Pokémon can die. The haunted tower in Lavender Town was not a fun experience for me 😥.

However, it got me thinking about the mortality of Pokémon.

After doing some research, here’s what I learned about death and the Pokémon world.

How do Pokémon die?

Do Pokémon experience natural death due to old age in the Pokémon world?
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Pokémon die in various ways. In the anime series, many Pokémon die trying to rescue others. Take Darkai in the Rise of Darkai. This powerful 💪🏾 and selfless Pokémon died trying to stop a fight between two Pokémon.

In another example, Lucario gives up his life to save Mew’s life. In “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew,” Lucario drains his entire life force to pacify the Tree of Beginning and heal Mew.

There have also been Pokémon like Luxray, who froze to death for the same reasons.

Other ways Pokémon die


Cause of death

Volcarona (Pokémon back & White)


Sharpedo (Pokémon Third Generation)



Mimikyu’s Ghostly appearance (shock)

Has a Pokémon ever died in battle?

Is aging and natural death addressed for Pokémon in the game lore?
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The answer to this question is relative. If you’re talking about gameplay, the answer is no. At worst, Pokémon faint in the game.

That means that no matter how hard your Pokémon is whooped, it cannot die in the traditional sense. Having said that, the theme of death in battle is not completely absent in the games.

A great example is Marowak. This Pokémon dies in battle trying to keep her child safe. Marowak refuses to rest and continues haunting the Pokémon grave site in Lavender Town.

She never got over being defeated by Team Rocket. In Pokémon Red & Blue, players must put Marowak’s ghost to rest to proceed to the next level.

The anime series does not shy away from the topic of death. Several Pokémon have died in battle as active participants or collateral damage in the Pokémon shows and movies.

In the last episode of the XYZ series, we encounter Talonflame, who was sent to battle by his trainer.

Talonflame was defeated and possibly killed by Yveltal. Nobody ever saw this Pokemon again after that battle.

Why do Pokémon faint and not die?

Is there a concept of Pokémon dying of old age in the Pokémon universe?
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Pokémon faint instead of dying because the people behind the game wanted to keep the theme light and family-friendly 👨‍👩‍👦‍👧.

Death is a rather complex topic for children to grapple with, especially during gameplay. Instead of dying, Pokémon faint when their health levels are at zero. This state is reversible. Players can nurse their Pokémon back to health using portions and Revives.

The faint feature creates a sense of hope in young children who are not mature enough to deal with the finality of death.

That is not to say that the game completely ignores the existence of death. In fact, the very first game featured a grave site and memorial service for departed Pokémon.

Can Pokémon die of old age?

Do Pokémon die of old age?
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Yes, Pokémon can die of old age. In the anime series (The Island of Giant Pokémon), we see a Dragonite’s skeleton.

According to the story, the ancient Pokémon may have died of old age. Stoutland is another Pokémon who seemingly succumbs to old age.

In episode 21 of the Sun & Moon, Stoutland leaves Litten to spare the pain of watching him die.

What can kill Pokémon?

According to the anime series and games, certain Pokémon can die due to various causes. It is said that the flame at the end of a Charmander’s tail indicates its life span. When that flame goes out, the Pokémon dies. It is also shown that Pokémon can die from extreme temperatures. Luxray from the movie I Choose You froze to death while protecting his master Sorrel from a blizzard.

Do Pokémon die of old age?

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What happens when a Pokémon dies?

Several instances indicate that Pokémon come back as ghosts 😱 when they die. Stoutland appears before Litten after years of being dead (Sun & Moon episode 2).

As mentioned earlier, Marowa is another Pokémon that dies and then comes back as a ghost. If the anime adaptation is anything to go by, Pokémon that die with unfinished business tend to come back as ghosts.

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