Why Do Some Pokémon Have A Blue Background? (What Does Blue Background Mean in Pokémon?)

When I started playing Pokémon GO, I would constantly check on my Pokémon collection, especially when on a catching streak. I always took little notice of the different color backgrounds my Pokémon had in my Pokedex.

I just thought the blue halo around some of them was nothing more than an aesthetic feature 🤷. Well, that was until I caught the Machamp once and checked it exactly a day later.

If you are curious about the blue background some Pokémon have, keep reading to learn more.

What Does This ‘Blue’ish Background Means?

Is there a specific meaning to a blue background on Pokémon in Pokémon games?
‘Blue’ish Background. Image source: Pinterest

In Pokémon GO, some Pokémon in your inventory have a blueish background to signify they are newly acquired 🆕. It means that the Pokémon was caught the same day you checked it out of your Pokémon list.

This colored aura helps you easily distinguish fresh Pokémon in the bunch from older ones. With this information, you can tell which Pokemon need to be kept or traded with the Professor.

Usually, trainers keep the new Pokémon with high CPs and stats. It also helps you know which Pokémon in your Dex are in abundance or were recently seen in your area.

How Long Does The Blue Aura In A New Pokémon Last?

Can you explain the significance of a blue background in Pokémon?
The Blue Aura In A New Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Many trainers believe the light blue aura around new Pokémon in your collection only lasts 24 hours. After one day, it reportedly goes away since the Pokémon is no longer regarded as new. It will acquire the same background color as the older Pokémon.

Although Pokémon developers haven’t stated this 24-hour time frame as accurate information, I conducted my own mini experiment to see how long my new Pokémon had the blue glow.

After catching 2 of them at 1 PM on Thursday, I checked them every 6 hours to record any background color changes. See the results below:


1 PM (Thursday)

7 PM (Thursday)

1 AM (Friday)

7 AM (Friday)

1 PM (Friday)

7 PM (Friday)















What Does the Blue Background Change to For New Pokémon?

What Does Blue Background Mean in Pokémon?
Blue Background in Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

For new Pokémon, their background changes from blue to the default white color. All Pokémon in your Dex you caught over 24 hours prior will automatically have a plain white background once the day is done.

In Pokémon GO, trainers can have a look at all their Pokémon by tapping the Poke ball at the bottom of their screens and then on the Pokémon button.

You will then see your entire collection of Pokémon and Pokémon eggs. The ones with a white background ⬜ are deemed old, while the new ones have a blue one 🟦.

Many Pokémon trainers theorize that the very neutral color background for older Pokémon is supposed to make them less conspicuous so that the fresh ones pop out to players who are going on catching sprees.

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