What Pokémon can you trade to evolve? (all Pokémon that evolve by trading)

In the heat of a Pokémon battle, I once traded a seemingly ordinary creature. As it emerged from its Poké Ball, it began to glow, transforming into a powerful new form right before my eyes.

This was my first encounter with the magic of trading Pokémon that evolved upon exchange.

In this article, we’ll journey together through the world of these unique Pokémon. We’ll enhance our trading strategies and deepen our understanding of the Pokémon universe.

So, whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting your Pokémon journey, let’s set off on this exciting quest together!

How do I evolve by trading Pokémon Go?

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Exchanging Pokémon is a fundamental element of the Pokémon series, and Pokémon Go adheres to this tradition.

In Pokémon Go, the trade evolution system enables players to evolve certain creatures by swapping them with friends😃.

It serves as an excellent method to foster community engagement while completing your Pokédex, and it introduces an additional layer of challenge to the game.

Here is a compilation of Pokémon that can presently undergo evolution through trading:

Starting Pokémon

Evolved Pokémon





















Through Pokémon trading, the evolution Candy cost for a Pokémon is eliminated, presenting an advantageous choice for creatures like Pumpkaboo and Phantump, which demand a substantial amount of Candy for evolution without trading.

However, Stardust is still a requirement, and the quantity depends on factors such as the Pokémon’s rarity (Legendary or Shiny, for instance) and your Friendship Level with the other Trainer.

Can you evolve Pokémon without trading?

all Pokémon that evolve by trading
Evolve Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Certainly! In the mainline Pokémon games, a few creatures can only undergo evolution by trading them to another player.

However, in Pokémon Go, these creatures follow the same evolution process as most others, requiring a specific amount of Candy for evolution.

An alternative method exists: if you acquire an eligible Pokémon through a trade, its Candy prerequisite is entirely waived, essentially enabling you to evolve it without any cost❤️‍🔥.

For those who prefer playing Pokémon games on an emulator, there are methods to evolve Pokémon that typically necessitate trading.

For instance, you can utilize the Universal Pokémon Game Randomizer to modify the evolution methods of Pokémon, originally requiring trading in any main series game up to Gen V😌.

Can you trade Pokémon with yourself to evolve?

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In Pokémon Go, trading allows players to swap Pokémon, promoting social interaction and collaboration among players. To initiate a trade, both players must be friends in the game and be within 100 meters of each other.

The proximity requirement encourages real-world interactions, and remote trading is not currently supported, preventing the trading of Pokémon with oneself for evolution in Pokémon Go🥺.

Additionally, both participants in the trade must be at least level 10, ensuring a basic understanding of the game mechanics before engaging in trading.

When trading a Pokémon capable of evolving through trading, its evolution Candy cost is reduced to zero. This makes trading an excellent choice for evolving Pokémon with high Candy requirements.

However, Stardust is still required, with the amount depending on the traded Pokémon’s rarity and your Friendship Level with the other Trainer.

In summary, although self-trading for evolution is not possible in Pokémon Go, the trading feature provides a unique and social avenue for evolving specific Pokémon.

Join forces with a friend and dive into the world of trading! 😊👍🎮

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