Can You Ride Pokémon in Cobblemon? (How to Carry Pokémon in Cobblemon)

I am a Pokémon enthusiast, and although I have been playing for years now, I am always excited to discover new Pokémon mods ❤. My most recent find has been Cobblemon.

I have spent the last few weeks playing and learning as much as possible about this mod.

As I browsed through Pokémon community groups, I noticed that most people wanted to know if they could ride Pokémon in Cobblemon.

I write this article to share my findings and much more.

How Do You Carry Pokémon in Cobblemon?

Can you explain how to transport Pokémon in Cobblemon?
Carry Pokémon in Cobblemon. Image source: Pinterest

To carry your Pokémon in Cobblemon, simply let them out of their Poké Ball. Once outside, they will automatically follow you wherever you choose to go 😊.

Some small-type Pokémon can also ride on your shoulders during your adventure. You have access to a range of features, allowing you to choose how you wish to interact with your Pokémon in the game.

How Do You Get Pokémon To Sit On Your Shoulder in Cobblemon?

To get Pokémon to sit on your shoulder, use the interact menu. You can easily access this menu by interacting with your Pokémon in a sneaky manner.

However, note that only some small types of Pokémon can ride your shoulders.

Pokémon capable of this move include Eevee and Pikachu. There are many more that you can discover in the game.

Does Cobblemon Have Legendary Pokémon?

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Yes, Cobblemon has Legendary Pokémon. Currently, Cobblemon has 7 Legendary Pokémon with levels ranging between 50 and 100.

They have a 1/8125 chance of evolving into their shiny variants 😶. You can find them in alters and temples in the game.

The table below summarizes these Legendary Pokémon and the materials that complement them.

Legendary Pokémon

Related Materials

Iron Leaves

Dubious Disc


Nether Star


Four Sun Stonesin


Galarica Wreath


Four Ice Stones


Dragon Egg


Four Thunder Stones

How Do You Evolve Pokémon in Cobblemon?

What is the process for carrying Pokémon in Cobblemon?
Evolve Pokémon in Cobblemon. Image source: Pinterest

To evolve Pokémon in Cobblemon, you must first meet the evolution requirements. You need to reach the required level for normal Pokémon and then evolve them.

On the other hand, to evolve a special Pokémon, you must first acquire a specific item.

If you have a normal Pokémon, you will receive a notification after reaching a certain level that alerts you that it is ready to evolve.

Proceed to the Status menu and click on evolve, and your Pokémon will evolve immediately.

For the special Pokémon, find the required item first. Once you have the item, hold it and right-click the Pokémon to initiate evolution.

How Many Pokémon are in Cobblemon?

How to Carry Pokémon in Cobblemon
Pokémon in Cobblemon. Image source: Pinterest

Cobblemon boasts a collection of up to 500 Pokémon that players can choose from. There are lots of features to explore with these Pokémon. They come in different sizes and capabilities.

As you level up, you continue to unlock new moves ✅. Leveling up also allows you to evolve your Pokémon.

In Cobblemon, you and your friends can also trade these Pokémon based on each other’s preferences at a time.

There is a lot of fun and dozens of moves, modes, and learning to explore. You can spawn or battle with any Pokémon from generation 1 to 9.

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