What does Pokemon GX mean? (how does GX work in Pokemon?)

From discovering new games to learning new moves, unlocking 🔓new characters, and interacting with other gamers, all I can say is that I love ❤️ the gaming world.

Speaking of new games, my favorite of the bunch was Pokemon. The best part was when I discovered the GX card. This card was a game-changer due to its ability, powerful attacks, and high HP.

This card saved me the hassle of battling the strongest opponent. I’m sure you might be wondering why and how.

Stick around as we uncover how it works, its differences with EX, and the best GX card.

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What is the Best Ever Pokemon GX Card?

how does GX work in Pokemon?
Pokemon GX Card. Image source: Pinterest

Mewtwo and Mew GX card is the best Pokemon GX card from the bunch. It is also the most versatile card among the various GX Pokemon cards that are available.

This is because this card gives you the ability to use attacks from other EX or GX cards from your discard pile or on your bench.

For instance, when you play this card, you can use the attacks of Lucia GX or Dialga GX. The card features a staggeringly good move set, very cool artwork, as well as an impressive 270 HP.

Miraculous Duo GX, which is its attack, heals 🤕 all damage that was inflicted on your Pokemon. This works if your Pokemon has at least one additional energy that is attached to it.

However, you cannot use more than one GX attack in a game.

How does GX work in Pokemon?

Can you explain how GX works in the Pokémon TCG?
GX work in Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

GX is a special card that possesses special and remarkable powerful moves that can only be used once ☝️ by a Pokemon in the whole match. GX are mainly basic cards that can be played without having to evolve them.

Pokemon-GX works the same as Pokemon-EX from the EX series and Pokemon-EX from the XY series and Black & White. Some rules govern how a GX works.

For instance, if you want, you can use a basic Pokemon GX as your starting active Pokemon. To show that you have already used your GX attack for the game, you should turn the special GX marker facedown.

If a Pokemon GX is knocked out, the opponent obtains two prize cards instead of only one.

What is the difference between GX and EX in Pokemon?

One of the differences between GX and Ex in Pokemon is that GX comes in three different stages, which include Stage 2, Basic, and Stage 1.

The following table shows other differences between GX and EX in Pokemon.



GX is a newer game that was released in late 2016.

Is an older game that was released in the year 1998.

Provide an additional attack that can only be used once per game.

If you lose one, your opponent obtains two prizes.

Has more characters from the Unova region

Has fewer characters from the Unova region.

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