Can you get red Gyarados in Pokemon Gold? (how to catch red Gyarados in Pokemon Red)

Yes. Though red Gyarados appear at random, it is possible to get it by surfing in the middle of the Lake of Rage.

Though I knew that finding a red Gyarados was not easy, I was determined to get one. This dream came to pass after I managed to encounter it as my first shiny Pokémon in the wild.

This was a game changer for me since I got the red scale.

😊Since I could not hide my excitement, I created this post to help you discover whether you can get red Gyarados and how to catch it.

What level is red Gyarados in gold?

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The red Gyarados is the shiny Gyarados found in the Lake of Rage at level 30 of Pokémon gold. The Lake of Rage is a maze-like area divided into sections, including the western entrance and the eastern entrance. 🏊‍♀️

The eastern entrance leads you to the lake proper, where you will encounter the red Gyarados swimming around.

You have to battle it to get to the bottom of this. Since you only have a single chance to get red Gyarados, you should avoid knocking it out by accident.

What level is red Gyarados in gold?

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What happens if you catch the red Gyarados?

You can enter both sides of the Lake of Rage through two paths on Route 43. There are two trainers, Poke Maniac Beckett and Poke Maniac Ron.

Once you catch the red Gyarados, you will get a red scale. You can trade a red scale to Mr Pokemon on Route 30 for an EXP share.

You should then proceed to get to the land at the Lake of Rage. 👨 Interact with the man with the Dragonite and help him out with his investigation to continue with the story.

How do you get the red Gyarados in Pokémon gold?

How do you get the red Gyarados in Pokémon gold?
Red Gyarados in Pokémon gold. Image source: Pinterest

The Lake of Rage is the secret to getting Team Rocket out of Mahogany Town. To get to the red Gyarados, on the eastern entrance, you should move north from Mahogany town.

You need to use Surf in the middle of the lake to find the red Gyarados.

This waits in the middle of the lake. Red Gyarados is as catchable as any other wild Gyarados. You can use balls like Love, Heavy, Dusk, or Ultra to catch it.

Where to find the red Gyarados in Pokemon gold

We mentioned that you can find the red Gyarados in the Lake of Rage north of Route 43. The Lake of Rage is located north of Mahogany town in Johto. You will meet some members of the Team Rocket along the way to the Lake of Rage.

Once you surf into the middle of the lake, you can either catch, defeat it or flee from red Gyarados. The Lake of Rage was viewed as risky since red Gyarados used to scare swimmers by tipping their boats over.

What is the difference between Gyarados and red Gyarados?

What is the difference between Gyarados and red Gyarados?
Red Gyarados. Image source: Pinterest

The main difference between the two is the color. While the red Gyarados is red and shiny, Gyarados is blue and normal.

The normal Gyarados is not shiny. The red Gyarados is red and shiny due to the forced evolution. The Magikarp that red Gyarados evolves from retains its red color due to lack of time to transform its scale color to blue.

Red Gyarados form part of the event in the Generation II games. On the other hand, Gyarados were introduced in Generation 1.

Is red Gyarados stronger than normal Gyarados?

🙅‍♀️ No. Though some people assume that the shiny Gyarados are stronger, this is incorrect. Being colored red and shiny does not make it stronger since it is within the normal range of strength as the normal Gyarados.

They only differ in terms of cosmetics. Note that a red Gyarados is harder to find than the normal Gyarados. Check out Gyarados stats.





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