Why Can’t My Pokémon Forget Frustration? (How to Make Pokémon Forget Frustration)

Recently, I captured a Shadow Dragonite. Its Dragon Breath, Steel Wing, and Dragon Tail have proven useful. However, its Frustration attack means it costs more resources to power up 💰.

To mitigate this, I scoured the internet for news on the next Frustration Event.

Unfortunately, Niantic hasn’t announced one yet. This left me with only one option- to Purify it. Don’t get me wrong, the process is a breeze; I just wanted to avoid it.

Anyway, here’s how I made my Dragonite forget Frustration.

How do I make my Pokémon forget Frustration?

What is the process for making a Pokémon forget Frustration?
Make my Pokémon forget Frustration. Image source: Pinterest

Frustration is a damage-dealing Normal type move whose effectiveness depends on how little your

Pokémon likes you. Its base power ranges from 1 (Maximum friendship) to 102 (Minimum friendship) 🤓. Frustration’s power is calculated using the formula:

Power = (255 – Friendship) / 2.5

Move Deleters are the best way to make your Pokémon forget Frustration in the main series. Move Deleters are Non-Playable Characters that can make your Pokémon forget any move. Their location varies from one game to another.

Here’s a table outlining where to find Move Deleters in the Pokémon games 👇.



Gold / Silver / Crystal

Blackthorn City

Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald

Lilycove City


Fuschia City


Two Island

Diamond / Pearl


Canalave City

HeartGold / Soul Silver

Blackthorn City

Black / White

Mistralton City

X / Y

Dendemille Town

Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire


Sun / Moon

Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon

Hau’oli City

How do you get rid of Frustration in Shadow Pokémon?

Purifying your Shadow Pokémon is the best way to get rid of Frustration. Shadow Pokémon have been abandoned by members of Team Rocket.

They’ve been tortured and thus harbor resentment towards their trainers. This resentment results in them knowing Frustration.


To purify your Shadow Pokémon, find the Pokémon in your list and click the “Purify” button above the “Power Up” option in its information screen. Purification costs Stardust and Candy. The amount varies from one Pokémon to another.

This process improves your Pokémon’s appraisal and reduces the resources needed to power up, learn a new attack, and evolve.

When Purified, your Pokémon will forget Frustration and learn “Return.” You can then use a Charged TM to replace Return with your preferred move.

How do you remove Frustration before evolving Pokémon GO?

How to Make Pokémon Forget Frustration
Remove Frustration, Pokémon GO. Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned, you need a TM to remove Frustration in Pokémon Go. Unfortunately, you cannot use a TM without purifying the Pokémon unless there’s a special event.

Purification replaces Frustration with Return, a Charged move your Pokémon can unlearn whenever you want.

Once you’ve acquired Return, use a Charged TM to teach them another move, then evolve the Pokémon.

What events can Pokémon forget Frustration?

Niantic is yet to announce the next Frustration event in Pokémon Go 🤷. These events let you TM away Frustration without Purifying your Shadow Pokémon.

All you have to do is select the Pokémon, then use a Charged TM to replace it with a random Charged Attack.

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