Can You Get Shiny Shadow Pokemon from Grunts? (How to Find Shiny Shadow Pokemon)

I enjoyed engaging shadow shinies Pokemon in my formative years as I started out my journey of playing Pokemon years ago. I liked their fighting styles and loved how they defended well in battle.

I recently read an article online claiming that shiny shadow Pokemon from Grunts are no longer available. I realized that there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding this topic.

The truth is, Pokemon that were available as shiny shadows in leader battles are still available for Grunts, and you can still get them.

However, these Pokemon must have been available earlier.

So please stick with me as I dissect this topic and introduce you to how you can get shiny shadow Pokemon.

How to Find Shiny Shadow Pokemon

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What are the odds of catching a shiny shadow Pokemon? 👺

What are the odds of catching a shiny shadow Pokemon?
Shiny shadow Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

Shiny shadow Pokemon are rare to find, and it would take you a long time before you encounter one. They are unique and only appear in specific battles, thus further minimizing their chances of being spotted and caught.

The odds of you seeing a shiny shadow Pokemon are 1 in 60, 0r 1.6%, meaning that you will only encounter one of them for every 60 Pokemon you encounter.

However, this number is quite disputed, and many players have had far fewer encounters while others have had much more occasional encounters.

The chances of encountering a shiny shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go are quite different from the regular Pokemon, significantly reducing the odds of meeting one.

Moreover, calculating the odds of a Pokemon encounter is complex, and the catch rate protocol is quite different.

For instance, a Pokemon encounter for one player may appear shiny 💥 but not shiny for another. This also makes the odds of encountering one various for different people challenging to calculate.

In addition, the number of shadow Pokemon is relatively low. Meeting them will be tricky, and the odds are also considerably low.

The odds of encountering shiny 💥 shadow Pokemon are standard and sometimes vary depending on the player and circumstances.

How to catch shiny Shadow Pokemon

How to catch shiny Shadow Pokemon
Shiny Shadow Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

Catching Shiny Shadow Pokemon is not a walk in the park since you will have to deal with several challenges and defeat your opponents.

The first step is to learn to identify them and know their location. Shiny Pokemon are the ones that have been transformed by Team Rocket to have a glaring sight and a purple glow⚡ 🔥.

To catch them, you need to encounter, fight 🔫, and defeat grunts 💪 and a leader from Team Rocket 🚀. Upon defeating the leader, please continue with the rescue mission of the Pokemon to check whether it is a shiny one or not.

Upon capturing it and inspecting it for its characteristics, you can only tell if it is shiny or not. It is never guaranteed that the Pokemon will be polished, hence the low chances of encountering them.

Which shiny shadow Pokemon can you get from Grunt Battles?

Which shiny shadow Pokemon can you get from Grunt Battles?
Shiny shadow Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

Grunt battles are familiar with shiny shadow Pokemon; you can get many there. Players are now able to encounter a Shiny Shadow Pokemon by defeating Grunts. These Pokemon are also permanent.

Some Pokemon you will experience from grunt battles include shiny shadow Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Mawile, and shiny shadow Grime.

Moreover, Grunts also has rocket leaders from Team Go, including Sierra, Cliff, Arlo, and Team Go Rocket leader Giovanni.

Each shadow Pokemon from the grunt battles is unique 🔫, although the dark-purple shadows around their bodies often identify them.

This is a result of the transformation they undergo under Team Go Rocket. Hence their need to be rescued.

Major Shiny Shadow Pokemon stat list


Max CP

Shiny shadow Charmander


Shiny shadow Bulbasaur


Shiny shadow Squirtle


Shiny shadow Mawile


Shiny shadow Grime


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