How To Change Charizard Ability (How To Get Ability Patch)

Since I started playing Pokémon, my obsession with this game has been unmatched. I remember the first time I got a shiny Charizard with hidden abilities, solar power, and perfect training; I celebrated with a trip to the Pokémon parade, which was healed in my city that year.

This raised my curiosity to learn and explore the Charizard abilities; I went through a phase where I would change my Charizard abilities to fit the opponent’s strong point to give me an edge in all my fights.

Now, let’s explore the changes in character abilities.

How to change Charizard’s ability

What is the method for obtaining an Ability Patch in Pokémon?
Charizard’s ability. Image source: Pinterest

The ability of a Pokémon is usually set when it is obtained or 🐣 hatched, and it can share its abilities with another species.

Also, a player can change the ability of a Charizard from a hidden ability to a regular ability and vice versa.

This happens when you obtain an ability patch and give it to the Charizard to activate the change in ability.

So, how do you get an ability patch?

My friend who just started this Pokémon journey has been bugging me about the ability patch, asking how to get it when he’s a scarlet or violet player.

The process is not easy to complete six stars of the rare Tera Raids for other players, but you might need a little more Tera Raid stars for the violet players.

You will get the ability patch.

I’m rooting for the guy to have his first high in the Pokémon world.


Also, the six-star Tera Raids will not spawn in Paldea until a series of events are completed.




The Way Home (Starfall Street and Path of Legends)


The final quest of The Way Home


for the second time, you will need to defeat all the gym leaders,


At the Naranja or Uva Academy, you will need to win the postgame tournament.

With these already completed, the chances of spawning in Paldea and completing the six-star Tera Raids and, therefore, getting the ability patch will drastically increase 📈.

How to use an ability patch to change Charizard’s abilities

What are the steps to obtain an Ability Patch?
Charizard’s abilities. Image source: Pinterest

So, once you have obtained the ability patch, it’s time to destroy your enemies and 🏆 win all your matches.

You must click into the bag and then in the pouch with the rare candy icon to activate the ability patch. Still, the catch is you will need to choose Pokémon with hidden abilities for the ability patch to work, but remember that not all Pokémon have hidden abilities.

Remember that a Pokémon’s hidden ability is not better than its first or second ability.

For the Pokémon whose abilities are not so strong, the 💪 ability patch plays a significant role in the increase in the character’s ability to fight.

Those with signature abilities, the Pokémon with a second and hidden ability, or those with only one ability will accept and use the ability patch to their advantage against their opponents.

If unsure which and how many abilities your Pokémon has, click on the Summary page and go to the Moves and Stats tab to know their Pokémon’s available abilities.

Can you teach Pokémon different abilities?

How do I go about getting an Ability Patch in the game?
Teach Pokémon different abilities. Image source: Pinterest

In the quest to make a dream Pokémon team with its full potential, we have all been at the point where before or during our fights, we feel unfortunate that once you have had a relationship with a Pokémon who has had a good track record, at some point, you will encounter another Pokémon opponent that will be stronger and yours will be lacking something 👎.

Pokémon can have only one particular ability, and others have two different abilities, which are inherent traits specific to each species determined when they are obtained or hatched.

And yes, you can teach Pokémon different abilities through an ability patch to change the current ability to a hidden ability.

Can you change a Pokémon’s Ability more than once?

A Pokémon can obtain or have only one ability at a time, sometimes a maximum of two hidden abilities. That means that when you give your Pokémon an ability patch, the regular original ability will be replaced entirely by the hidden or new ability.

Yes, you can switch abilities from regular to hidden more than once.


How do you change a hidden ability to a regular ability?

Can you provide instructions on acquiring an Ability Patch?
Regular ability. Image source: Pinterest

Sometimes, you want your unique hidden ability to be the regular ability in a particular fight in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet; the power of the ability patch can achieve this.

You can change a Pokémon’s regular ability to a hidden ability, and you can change 🔙 from a hidden ability to a regular ability or a new ability.

It is advised to use the ability patch to teach your Pokémon hidden abilities when in competitive training or breeding; this can also be used to pass down its hidden abilities.

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