How to Tell if Pokémon Are Hacked (What Happens if a Pokémon Is Hacked?)

Recently, someone traded me a Machamp. I was excited about this until I double-checked the stats ūüėü. I knew Machamp had some impressive attack stats, but this one was jacked up.

Curious, I sought a friend’s opinion, and he confirmed that the Pok√©mon was hacked. I contemplated the pros and cons of having it on my team and eventually decided to release it.

That experience spurred me to learn more about hacked Pok√©mon and how to spot them. So, here’s what to do if you have a hacked Pok√©mon.

What is considered hacked Pokémon?


Hacked Pokémon have been created and added to the game by dubious means. Unlike standard Pokémon added through trades, hunts, encounters, and hatching, hacked Pokémon are generated using third-party and unofficial software and devices like GameShark and Action Replay.

Hackers use these devices to alter the game’s data and Pok√©mon with modified moves, statistics, natures, and impossible values.

These Pokémon are used to gain an advantage over other players. Commonly hacked Pokémon include Shiny Pokémon and Event-exclusive Pokémon.

Here‚Äôs a table outlining how to tell a Pok√©mon is hacked ūüĎá:


How to identify

Event Pokémon

Use the EventDex. If the Pokémon isn’t there, then it’s likely hacked.

Shiny/ Legendary Pokémon

Check the Origin Mark.

Hidden Ability Pokémon

Find out how the HA was availed if it isn’t in Sword and Shield.

Common Pokémon

Verify the Pokémon’s moves and stats on Bulbapedia.

What happens if a Pokémon is hacked?

What to do if a Pokémon Is Hacked?

Pokémon is hacked. Image source: Pinterest

A hacked Pok√©mon cannot affect your game files. However, the methods you use to acquire it can ūüßź. For instance, if you coded the Pok√©mon into your game, it could corrupt your files, delete information, or crash your game.

However, if you didn’t, your game is safe.

It’s worth noting, however, that Pok√©mon frowns upon using hacked Pok√©mon in games. They encourage fair play and have measures to detect and stop you from using them in gameplay.

In 2020, for instance, Nintendo banned users found using hacked Pokémon in games. This happened in Sword and Shield, where hacked Pokémon circulated through trades.

More recently, the game makers have found ways to render hacked Pokémon unusable.

Therefore, a hacked Pokémon is, at best, a collectible.

Can Pokémon HOME detect hacked Pokémon?

Pokémon Is Hacked
Hacked Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Pok√©mon HOME has ways to identify hacked Pok√©mon. In 2020, Nintendo introduced anti-cheat measures in Pok√©mon HOME to keep hacked Pok√©mon out of the Global Trading System ūü§ď.

They didn’t give details on how the system would work.

However, some suggest that the system monitors and detects out-of-this-world stats and moves. Others have suggested that Pokémon HOME assigns tracker IDs to Pokémon saved on the platform.

If two Pokémon share the same tracker ID, Pokémon HOME will flag and delete one of them.

Can hacked Pokémon affect your game?

As mentioned, how you got the hacked Pokémon can affect your game. You risk losing files and personal information or having your game crash.

Furthermore, Nintendo’s improved anti-cheat system detects and disables hacked Pok√©mon and, in extreme cases, bans certain accounts.

Are Pokémons bred from hacked Pokémons legit?

What Happens if a Pokémon Is Hacked?
Pokémons bred. Image source: Pinterest

This depends on the resulting offspring. For instance, the offspring won’t be legit if the hacked parent Pok√©mons passes on a move that can’t be learned in its egg group.

Doing so would cause the offspring to have unusual stats, rendering it illegal.

In contrast, if the parent doesn’t pass on the hacked move, the offspring will be legit since it will have the right moves.

What should you do if you receive a hacked Pokémons?

This is a personal decision. You could delete it and avoid potential bans and complications with your game. Alternatively, you can keep and use it online if the Pokémon is legit.

However, avoid sending hacked Pokémon to Pokémon HOME since Nintendo might detect them and ban your account.

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