What Pokémon can learn Hypnosis? (which Pokémon uses Hypnosis?)

Not long ago, I noticed that a certain Pokémon was put to sleep by another Pokémon while in a battle 😮. This led to my curiosity being piqued by how that Hypnosis move was achieved and which Pokémon can learn the move.

Since many people have played Pokémon for many years but hadn’t yet become fully knowledgeable on the Hypnosis move, I decided to come up with this post to enlighten those who are wondering which Pokémon can learn Hypnosis and which Pokémon uses it.

which Pokémon uses Hypnosis?

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Is Hypnosis a good move?

Pokémon that can learn Hypnosis
Hypnosis move. Image source: Pokemon

Yes, Hypnosis is a good move, depending on the situation in which it is used, among other factors. Using Hypnosis puts the opponent to sleep, making them unable to launch an attack 💤.

To get the best out of it, here are situations when the Hypnosis move proves to be valuable;

  • Catching wild Pokémon. Putting a wild Pokémon to sleep increases the chances of capturing it since it cannot run away. Hypnosis is a good move to help capture Pokémon that are difficult to catch.
  • Setting up Sweeper Pokémon. When the target Pokémon has been put to sleep, a safe space for increasing stats without taking damage is provided. Further, other strategies like the Swords Dance and Dragons Dance can be set up after the Hypnosis move has been used and taken effect.
  • Neutralizing threats. Putting powerful Pokémon to sleep helps momentarily stop their attacking moves and neutralizes the threat and damage they would have caused.
  • Buying time. Using the Hypnosis move helps to recover from damage by using healing moves like Recover while the opponent has been put to sleep. Further, one can strategize afresh and switch the Pokémon with a suitable matchup.

Where to get Hypnosis in Pokémon

Where Hypnosis move is available is dependent on some factors such as breeding and leveling up. You can get Hypnosis from a Pokémon that has inherited the move from its parents.

This is achieved by breeding a Pokémon that knows the Hypnosis move. Hypnosis can also be gotten from Pokémon that have learned the move by leveling up.

For instance, Gengar learns the Hypnosis move in level 1 and Hypno in level 1.

What level do Pokémon start learning Hypnosis?

which Pokémon uses Hypnosis?
What level do Pokémon start learning Hypnosis? Image source: Pokemon

Different Pokémon species learn the Hypnosis move at different levels. For Drowzee, this is one of its first moves, and it learns at level 1.

On the other hand, Munna learns this move later on, at level 17, while Gastly learns this move around level 1. Gengar learns the move at level 1, Hypno at level 1, Ralts at level 9, Stantler at level 10, and Bronzor at level 20.

Below is a table summarizing the level at which different Pokémon learn the Hypnosis move 👇.


Level Hypnosis move is learned



















Which Pokémon can learn false swipe and Hypnosis?

which Pokémon uses Hypnosis?
Which Pokémon can learn false swipe and Hypnosis? Image source: Pinterest

Smeargle and Persian are Pokémon that can learn both the Hypnosis move and False Swipe. Unlike. Hypnosis where the opponent is made to sleep, False Swipe prevents the opponent from fainting and reduces their HP to 1.

Smeargle learns False Swipe at level 27 but naturally learns Hypnosis by using Sketch on a Pokémon that knows Hypnosis.

Gallade, on the other hand, cannot re-learn the Hypnosis move, but evolving Kirlia to Gallade and then teaching it False Swipe will make it have both moves.

How do you increase the accuracy of Hypnosis in Pokémon?

Pokémon that uses Hypnosis
Increase the accuracy of Hypnosis in Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Using accuracy-boosting items such as the Wide Lens will increase the accuracy of Pokémon by 10% 💪. Besides using the accuracy-boosting items, other ways to increase the accuracy of Hypnosis are:

  • Using the No Guard ability will ensure that the Hypnosis move has a 100% accuracy
  • Using the Compound Eyes ability, which multiplies accuracy by a factor of 1.3x
  • Gravity

What is the accuracy of Hypnosis with Wide Lens?

Pokémon that can learn Hypnosis
Hypnosis with Wide Lens. Image source: Pinterest

The accuracy of Hypnosis with a Wide Lens is 66%. Hypnosis has a 60% accuracy, while adding a Wide Lens boosts the accuracy by 10%. Thus, 10% of 60 is 6.

60 * 1.1 = 66% accuracy

Does Hypnosis not work on some Pokémon?

Yes, some Pokémon are immune to Hypnosis 🔥. Pokémon with Ability Insomnia are immune to the Hypnosis move.

Further, Dark-typed Pokémon and those with the Ability Sweet Veil cannot fall asleep, making them immune to Hypnosis move.

The Pokémon that can learn Hypnosis

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How long does Hypnosis effect last in Pokémon?

The hypnosis move puts the opponent Pokémon to a sleep duration of 1 to 3 turns. However, several factors can influence the Hypnosis effect in a Pokémon. These factors are;

  • Abilities of other Pokémon. Abilities such as Wake Up Slap will shorten the Hypnosis effect on Pokémon with such ability or even end up waking up the Pokémon.
  • Double battle. A Pokémon that has been induced to sleep through the Hypnosis move will wake up if it is hit by another attack, thus affecting the Hypnosis effect.
  • Use of Items. Items such as Sleep Powder will lengthen the sleep caused by the Hypnosis move.
  • How long a Pokémon sleeps due to Hypnosis is also decided by the accuracy and timing of the Hypnosis move. If the move is used on the opponent Pokémon too early in the battle, the sleep duration will be shortened.

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