Is Toxtricity a good Pokémon? (What is the best move set for Toxicity?)

Yes, Toxtricity has some desirable qualities that could help boost your gameplay. ūü§ĒI‚Äôve been thinking about adding Toxtricity to my team.

However, I’m not sure if it will be worth it.

I figured doing background research on this Pokémon will help me make an informed decision.

Continue reading to learn more about Toxtricity.

Why is Toxtricity popular?

Why is Toxtricity popular?
Toxtricity. Image source: Pinterest

Toxitricity has many desirable qualities that could be useful to any trainer. For starters, it is a dual Electric/Poison Pok√©mon with enough power to produce 15,000 electric voltsūüėĪin an attack.

As you can imagine, many Pokémon cannot withstand this pressure. Scarlet and Violet fans love this Pokémon because it can neutralize toxins and use them as a weapon.

Quite frankly, some people love Toxtricity for its appearance and general aesthetic. If you love music, this Pok√©mon will probably appeal to you if it hasn’t already.

Here’s why: Tox has a musical organ on its chest. When it claws at its chest, Tox produces a guitar-strumming sound while producing volts of destructive electricity.

Toxtricity is great at special attacks. Even with a limited move pool, Tox records decent Attack attacks. The fact that it’s the only Pokémon that can be taught the Overdrive move makes it a popular pick for avid gamers.

What is the best move set for Toxicity?

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Which form of Toxtricity is better?

The best form of Toxtricity has to be the Gigantamax Toxtricity. Both the Amped Form and Low-key Form Toxtricity share this Gigantamax form.

Not only is it larger, but the Gigantamax Tox can produce way more electricity than the first two forms.

This evolved Pokémon can hold one million litres of poison to unleash against its opponents. The Gigantamax Toxtricity has exclusive moves like G-Max Stun Shock and G-Max Move.

This form of Toxtricity is better because it carries the immense power needed for a good attack team.

What are the best attributes of Toxtricity?

What are the best attributes of Toxtricity?
Attributes of Toxtricity. Image source: Pinterest

Toxtricity has many cool attributes. One of them is its Boomburst move. You can use the Punk Rock feature to accelerate Boomburst.

This feature gives Toxtricity coverage and power over its opponents. Tox is also special because there’s no other Pok√©mon with the Punk Rock feature.

Powerful Pokémon like Poygon2 and Stakataka are vulnerable to Toxtricity, even though they have the typing to ensure a Boomburst attack.

If you’re going up against a common wall, Toxapex, Toxtricity is your best bet. Toxtricity usually takes an early lead in the game.

That’s because the Pok√©mon in offensive teams are afraid to be OHKOed by it. Key team members like Noivern, Roserade, Crobat, and Raikou can get seriously injured by Toxtricity.

That is especially true if these Mons attack Tox with utility moves.

Is Toxtricity a rare Pokémon?

No, Toxtricity is not a rare Pok√©mon. It’s easy to evolve your Toxel to a Low-Key Toxtricity or Amped Toxtricity.

This usually happens at level 30. You can even get the Toxel to evolve at the end of the game. If you’ve set your eyes on an Amped form, you need certain natures to be successful.

These include but are not limited to Docile, Impish, Hardy, Adamant, and Jolly. For a low-key form, you must have a gentle, Bashful, Bold, or Lonely nature.

What is a good Move set for Toxtricity?

What is a good Move set for Toxtricity?
Move set for Toxtricity. Image source: Pinterest

If you’re in the field, ūüí•Boomburst is the go-to move. If you pair that with the Puck Rock effect, you‚Äôre likely to cause a good amount of damage.

The Volt Switch move also ensures that Tox is not overwhelmed by opponents like Registeel and Prygon2.

Below is a summary of its special attributes




Punk Rock

Plus Technician

Move 1


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Move 4

Volt Switch

How strong is Toxtricity in Pokémon?

As an attack Pokémon, Toxtricity is quite strong. In addition to its high physical and special attack stats, this Mon has many other attributes that make it a formidable rival .

Toxtricity’s strength lies in its ability to learn moves like the Gunk shot, Sludge Bomb, and Wild Charge.

Toxtricty is strong-willed because it’s not afraid to inflict pain on its enemies through special moves like the Shock Wave and Poison Jab.

Is Toxtricity good in competitiveness?

Is Toxtricity good in competitiveness?
Toxtricity. Image source: Pinterest

No, Toxtricity is not great at competitiveness. Toxtricity is very valuable during attacks. However, as a defence Pok√©mon, Toxtricity fails miserably ūü§∑.

This might sound harsh, but it’s the reality. Tox doesn’t have enough speed, especially after putting its all in an attack.

It can barely protect itself from retaliatory attacks from other powerful Pokémon. It is also weak to ground moves, which most Pokémon tend to use during attacks.

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