What is Lugia catch rate in Pokemon Go? (what are the odds of catching a Lugia in Pokemon Go?)

Engulfed in the captivating universe of Pokemon Go, my focus honed in on the legendary Lugia, an elusive prize within the virtual landscape.

Amidst the pursuit, a sudden revelation heightened the stakes – the staggering odds of capturing a Lugia.

The rush that surged through me upon securing this elusive creature was nothing short of exhilarating—the thought of whether this was luck made me wonder about Lugi’s catch rate.

Upon further research, I discovered that its capture rate is at 2%.

Read on to uncover all about this elusive Pokemon!

Why is Lugia so hard to catch Pokemon GO?

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Capturing Lugia in Pokémon GO presents a challenge influenced by multiple factors🙃. Firstly, Lugia falls into the category of legendary Pokémon, automatically increasing the difficulty level compared to ordinary Pokémon.

Secondly, Lugia’s movements are unpredictable and challenging to anticipate. It frequently executes a backward somersault, creating only a short timeframe for the Pokéball to achieve a successful landing.

Furthermore, pinpointing Lugia’s location on the screen is complicated, further contributing to the overall challenge.

What are the chances of getting Lugia?

What are the chances of getting Lugia?
Lugia. Image source: Pinterest

Various factors influence the success rate of capturing Lugia in Pokémon GO. Lugia’s base capture rate (BCR) stands at 2%🤯, comparatively lower than some legendary Pokémon.

Essentially, this implies that without any additional bonuses, each throw you attempt has merely a 2% likelihood of capturing Lugia.

However, there are methods to enhance this capture rate. One example is using a Golden Razz Berry, which can elevate the catch rate to 5%.

Moreover, the style of throw you execute can also impact the likelihood of a successful capture. A curveball and hitting within the ‘Nice,’ ‘Great,’ or ‘Excellent’ rings can boost the catch rate.

An ‘Excellent’ throw combined with a Golden Razz Berry, for instance, can raise the catch rate to 15.73%.

The shiny rate is commonly believed to be approximately 1 in 20 for Lugia. This implies that, on average, every 20 Lugia encounters may yield one shiny Lugia.

Nevertheless, this is a statistical average, and individual results may significantly differ among players due to the random nature of shiny encounters.

What is the easiest way to catch Lugia in Pokemon GO?

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Securing Lugia necessitates a blend of tactics, timing, and a touch of fortune. The following recommendations can enhance your likelihood of success:❤️‍🔥

  • Engage in Legendary Raids: Lugia exclusively emerges in five-star raids. Stay vigilant on your game display and journey to a gym when these occasions unfold.
  • Deploy the Appropriate Berries: Utilize a Nanab Berry to impede Lugia’s constant movements and attack sequences. This heightens your prospects of striking Lugia. Alternatively, employ a Golden Razz Berry to amplify your capture probability.
  • Choose the Opportune Moment: Exercise patience and await Lugia’s descent to a lower position before launching a ball. Hitting Lugia becomes nearly impossible when it’s positioned at the screen’s summit.
  • Execute Excellent Throws: Your likelihood of successfully capturing Lugia is maximized when the target ring contracts, allowing you to execute Excellent Throws.

Here is a table showing the tips for Catching Lugia in Pokémon GO



Participate in Raids

Lugia exclusively emerges with a five-star rating during raids.

Use Berries

Use a Nanab Berry to slow down Lugia

Wait for the Right Moment

Wait for Lugia to return lower

Throw Excellent Throws

Wait for the target ring to be small enough to score Excellent Throws

What is the catch rate for shadow Lugia in Pokemon Go?

Shadow Lugia, an alternate form of Lugia, poses an even more significant challenge regarding capturing.

Following its defeat in a Raid Battle, Pokémon GO participants discover that Shadow Lugia exhibits persistent movement, rendering its capture nearly unattainable.

Legendary Pokémon inherently possess a shallow catch rate😬, compelling players to resort to Excellent Throws and Golden Razzberries to enhance their chances of securing the creature.

Where can you find Lugia in Pokémon GO?

What are the chances of getting Lugia?
Lugia in Pokémon GO. Image source: Pinterest

Locating Lugia is tied to particular occasions. The main avenue to come across Lugia involves engaging in five-star Legendary Raids, easily identifiable by their dark-colored eggs, signifying the utmost level of raid challenge.

Furthermore, encounters with Lugia can transpire in 5-Star Shadow Raids, exclusive events that materialize during specific in-game occasions like the Team GO Rocket Takeover event.🥰

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