How to get more boxes in Pokemon Sword (What is the maximum number of boxes in Pokemon Sword?)

If you are too much into the adventure of catching Pokemon like I am, then you know that you need more box space for your adventure to go infinitely.

When I first loaded in, I got fewer boxes than the Pokemon I was intending to catch, so I had to acquire more box space. Perhaps you’re wondering how you can get more boxes in Pokemon Sword. Well, don’t worry.

Being a Pokemon enthusiast for years, I will help you know how to get more boxes and the maximum number of boxes you can have in Pokemon Sword.

Let’s get started.


How to Increase the Number of Boxes in Pokemon Sword

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When you access the PC in the Pokemon Center, you get eight boxes 📦 which is insufficient to store your Pokemon. You require more storage boxes for your adventure in catching Pokemon, and getting more boxes is pretty simple.

First, log in to the Pokemon storage center and ensure that you have at least one Pokemon in each box, then log out of the storage center. After that, log back into the storage center, and this time, your storage boxes will have doubled.

Repeat these steps as you move on, and the boxes should increase every time you log back into the storage center.

However, the boxes stop increasing at some point; some at 31 boxes, others at 32 boxes, and others at 34 boxes. With the increased storage space, you can store up to one million Eevees you breed.

What is the maximum number of boxes you can have in Pokemon Sword?

What is the maximum number of boxes in Pokemon Sword?
Pokemon Sword. Image source: Pinterest

You can increase the number of boxes up to thirty-four. However, others have a maximum of thirty-two boxes, and you cannot get more to store your Pokemon.

😀 Good news is that you can purchase a home subscription or create another profile that you can use as storage space.

In each log-in to the Pokemon storage center, you get an increase in the number of boxes.

Let’s look at how the boxes increase each time you log in.

Log in

Number of boxes

1st log in

8 boxes

2nd log in

16 boxes

3rd log in

24 boxes

4th log in

31 boxes

In this case, the boxes increase up to 31.

What happens when all your boxes are full in Pokémon Sword?

maximum number of boxes in Pokemon Sword
Pokémon Sword. Image source: Pinterest

🏠 The first option is to transfer a bunch of Pokémon to HOME so that you can have space for more Pokemon.

The boxes become filled in the last fight with the game’s 3rd legendary eternatus, where you have to catch it and end the fight.

Secondly, the game softlocks 🔒 itself, meaning you cannot finish the fight and you cannot continue with it.

Therefore, you have to reset the game, then empty a space in the PC and then fight the eternatus again.

In previous game series, like Pokemon black/white, reshiram/zekrom would wait until you buy a Pokeball or empty your boxes before you challenge them.

Pokemon x/y would not let you unlock the last box in your PC until you have caught Xerneas/Yveltal. This strategy would prevent getting all your boxes full.

How many free storage boxes do you have in Pokemon Home?

Pokemon home account has only one basic box and can store up to thirty Pokemon. Moreover, you cannot store more than three Pokémon in the wonder box that is used to trade Pokemon worldwide.

However, you will see and access all the Pokemon PC boxes with the game you try to transfer to or from in Pokémon Home.

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