Can Pokémon have three types? (what Pokémon have three types?)

While growing up, nothing brought me so much excitement as having my Pokémon experience an evolution😁.

The anticipation that came to me seeing my Pokémon move from one stage to another was just on another level.

Years after growing up, the ability of a Pokémon to have more than three forms fascinates me. Sometimes, one may wonder if a Pokémon can indeed have three forms.

Yes! Pokémon do have the ability to have three or more forms. You may be wondering what types of Pokémon experience this evolution.

Guess what?

Your answers and thoughts concerning Pokémon with three forms are here💯.

what Pokémon have three types?

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What Pokémon have three types?


There are a couple of Pokémon that have three forms.

Most Pokémon families now have three stages due to pre-evolutions or additional evolutions added in later generations.

Examples of Pokémon with three forms include Charizard, Gyardos, Drapion, and others with an endless list.

Looking at Charizard, some forms he can take are Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, and Gigantamax Charizard.

Kyurem, a hybrid of the Dragon/Electric type Zekrom, exists in three forms: Kyurem Black, its base form, and Kyurem. Lastly, Gyarados is a water/flying Pokémon by nature, but when it Mega Evolves, it becomes a water/dark Pokemon.

These are just a couple of Pokemon that have three types.

How powerful is a Pokemon with three types?

what Pokémon have three types?
Pokemon with three types. Image source: Pinterest

A Pokemon with three forms is more powerful than the original form as each comes with enhanced skills compared to the predecessor form.

These improved capabilities have their advantages. Base stats come first. The base stats of an evolved Pokemon are almost always higher than those of its previous form: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed.

This results in an instant improvement in fighting prowess.

Secondly, as Pokemon evolve, their movepools frequently grow, allowing them to acquire skills they otherwise would not have.

An example is solar power by Charizard. Such a move makes this Pokemon be categorized as among the most dangerous just because of this feature. Therefore, a Pokemon with three forms is more powerful than its original form.

Compared with other Pokemon with three forms, that depends on the capabilities and skillsets each has learned or developed after taking a different form.

How effective is a Pokemon with three types?

The Pokémons that have three types? 
How effective is a Pokemon with three types? Image source: Pokemon

There are two sides to the effectiveness of a Pokemon, with three types: the strengths and weaknesses. As a Pokemon evolves, it gains strength and deficiencies simultaneously.

The efficacy of the Pokemon eventually depends on which form the Pokemon has taken. Most advantages include an increase in the Same-type attack bonus and better resistance😁.

The table below shows the different statistics of the original Pokemon and its other forms.





















Sp. Def




The ranges shown are for a level 100 Pokémon.

As seen from the table with the example of Charizard, the states differ, showing that each form has its strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, the effectiveness of the Pokemon will generally depend on how well utilized it is in battle with the skill sets the Pokemon possesses🏆.

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