Can You Play Pokémon on Xbox? (How to Play Pokémon on Xbox)

As a Pokémon enthusiast 💖, Nintendo systems have a unique charm that goes hand in hand with the appeal of Pokémon.

Not long ago, I began a curiosity journey trying to discover if there’s an alternative to playing Pokémon on Nintendo. I was pretty intrigued to learn that I could play Pokémon on my Xbox.

The Xbox game platform, which is widely recognized for its innovative and technologically advanced features, has welcomed fans of Pokémon into its immersive world.

Being the Pokémon diehard 💪 that I am, bringing this amazing experience into the Xbox ecosystem cannot get a better definition than electrifying. Read on to find out everything you need to know about playing Pokémon on Xbox.


Which Pokémon games can you play on Xbox?

How to Play Pokémon on Xbox
Pokémon games. Image source: Pokemon

Against popular belief, Pokémon fans can play their favorite games on Xbox. The console is designed with cross-platform compatibility and growing gaming platform capabilities.

The Xbox ecosystem now offers multiple options for playing Pokémon on the platform. The platform introduced cloud gaming services recently where Pokémon fans can play games on Xbox without using a Nintendo gadget.

The list of games that can be played on the platform includes the following.


Availability in Xbox

Pokémon Lets Go, Pikachu


Pokémon X and Y


Pokémon Sword and Shield


Pokémon legend Arceus


Pokémon Brilliant Diamond


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team


Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee!


How to play Pokémon on Xbox

Play Pokémon on Xbox
How to play Pokémon on Xbox. Image source: Pokemon

To play Pokémon on Xbox, you must have a current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. The subscription includes Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Pokémon games are part of a wide range of games included in this subscription. The Xbox Cloud Gaming Service allows you to play any preferred Pokémon game.

All that you need is to open the Xbox Game Pass app and choose your preferred Pokémon game.

The Xbox console you are using needs to be compatible with Xbox Cloud Gaming. For instance, Xbox Series X and Xbox One are an example of compatible consoles.

Next, ensure its software is up to date. Once you log in, check the list of Pokémon variants available and choose your favorite.

After selecting play, the game will start streaming, and you can unlock ✨ the complex Pokémon world right on your Xbox.

What console do I need to play Pokémon?

Pokémon on Xbox
What console do I need to play Pokémon? Image source: Nintendo

Pokémon can be played both on Nintendo and Xbox consoles. Pokémon is created by Nintendo and Game Freak which makes it easier to play all the games on Nintendo.

However, if you don’t have a Nintendo console, you can access most of the games on Xbox. The console must contain the features required to offer you the immersive gaming experience offered by Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The best Xbox console choices you can make for an unforgettable gaming experience include the following.

  • Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are the modern Xbox generations capable of running any Pokémon generation list of games without affecting performance.
  • Another important console is the Xbox One, which also supports Xbox Gaming Service.

Both options work with an Xbox Game Plus Ultimate Subscription and the Xbox Cloud Gaming app. The consoles are powerful and are excellent for linking the game ecosystems of Xbox and Nintendo.

Can you play old Pokémon games on Xbox?


Pokémon games aren’t always playable on Xbox Cloud Gaming. Some of the variants, particularly the older ones, are not yet available. Surprisingly 😮, most Pokémon games released from 2002 onwards can be played on Xbox.

An example is Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, which can be played on Xbox X and S. The Xbox Cloud Gaming Service gets updated consistently.

That means newer Pokémon games, including older ones, are more likely to be added.

Additionally, Xbox is constantly growing, and you need to monitor the service closely for extra titles.

What is the equivalent of Pokémon on Xbox?

Playing Pokémon on Xbox
Pokémon on Xbox. Image source: Pokemon

The closest equivalent of Pokémon on Xbox is Temtem. It is a Pokémon-like massive multiplayer creature collection game.

It is necessary to note that Temtem is not an express replacement for Xbox. What it offers players is an excellent Xbox substitute.

Another game considered a Pokémon equivalent on Xbox is Persona 5 Royal, a role-playing game created by P-Studio.

The list includes Monster Sanctuary, Ni No Kuni, and Sitalim 3.

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