How Do You Get Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald? (What Is the Easiest Way to Get Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald?)

I recently played Emerald again and was determined to snag Rayquaza. I researched the best strategy, leveled up my Pokemon, and stocked up on Ultra Balls, Max Repels, and Revives.

In hindsight, I was overprepared but wasn’t taking any chances 😁.

Fortunately, my efforts paid off, and here’s how I did it…

How to Catch Rayquaza in Pokémon Emerald?

Easiest Way to Get Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald
Catch Rayquaza in Pokémon Emerald. Image source: Pinterest

Rayquaza is a powerful Dragon / Flying Pokemon that debuted in the Generation 3 games and is prized among trainers.

Adding this Pokemon to your team will give you an edge over other trainers throughout the game.

However, catching isn’t easy since it’s so powerful, and you only get one chance. Here are Rayquaza’s stats to help you understand what you’re up against 👇:


Dragon / Flying


Sky High Pokemon


Air Lock







Special Attack


Special Defense




Evidently, Rayquaza is no joke. Therefore, catching this Pokemon requires preparation. Here’s our three-step process:

Preparing to find Rayquaza

  1. Get your eighth badge
  2. Max Repels (about 15 of them)
  3. A Mach bike, which you’ll use to navigate Rayquaza’s lair. You’ll get this at the Pokemon Center in Pacifidlog town.
  4. At least one Pokemon with the HM “Surf.”
  5. Train several Pokemon to level 70 if you want to stand a chance.
  6. Stock up on Ultra Balls.
  7. Equip one of your Pokemon with Sleep Powder, Blizzard, or Thunder Wave to knock out, freeze, or paralyze Rayquaza.

Finding Rayquaza

  1. Once you’re ready, head towards the Sky Pillar. It’s north of Pacifidlog Town. To get there, navigate the maze of rocks to reach a cave in the North East.
  2. Enter the cave and navigate to the Sky Pillar.
  3. Enter the Sky Pillar and navigate the rock maze to ascend the different levels. Use your Mach Bike to ride over the cracks to ensure you don’t fall.
  4. Use Max Repel to avoid other Pokemon in the Sky Pillar. Do this to save up HP for your Rayquaza encounter.
  5. Once you get to the top, save your game. Remember, you only get one chance to capture Rayquaza.

Catching Rayquaza

Unless you have a Master Ball, you’ll have to battle Rayquaza. Aim to reduce its health to the red or yellow section by relying on moves like False Swipe and Tackle. Once weakened, freeze, paralyze, or put it to sleep before using your Ultra Balls 🧐.

Where to find Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald

Get Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald
Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald. Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned, Rayquaza is in the Sky Pillar, found north of Pacifidlog Town. You’ll need to fly to Pacifidlog Town, then use a Pokemon with Surf to navigate the ocean and land at the entrance of a cave on the northeast side of Pacifidlog Town.

Once there, enter the cave and find the exit. Go North towards the Sky Pillar and skirt over the soft floor using your Mach Bike.

You’ll find a secret entrance leading to Rayquaza’s lair. Once there, save your progress before battling this Pokemon 🤓.

Can you catch Rayquaza in Emerald without Master Ball?


Yes. You can catch Rayquaza without a Master Ball. However, you’ll need Max Repels to avoid other Pokemon in the Sky Pillar, a Pokemon that can paralyze or freeze Rayquaza, and a team composed of Level 70 Pokemon.

Once you’ve weakened Rayquaza, immobilize it and use Ultra Balls to catch it.

What is the strategy for Rayquaza in Pokémon Emerald?

capture Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald
Rayquaza in Pokémon Emerald. Image source: Pinterest

The best strategy for Rayquaza involves weakening it and then using a status move to immobilize it. Remember, you’ll only get one chance to catch this Pokemon, and you can’t do it if it faints.

So, aim to bring its health to the red or yellow zone, then immobilize it by freezing, paralyzing, or putting it to sleep before throwing your Ultra Balls.

Alternatively, use a Master Ball to avoid battling it.

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