Which Pokemon Can Learn False Swipe? (What Pokemon Can Learn False Swipe Naturally?)

As Pokémon enthusiasts, our primary goal is catching all the Clitters in the game. But we all understand that the number of Hit Points that the Pokémon has remained with is one of the biggest challenges to catching the Clitters.

This is where the rare False Swipe attack comes in handy.

For all the players that wonder what Pokémon can learn the False Swipe move, continue reading to learn more about the topic.

What Pokémon is the best at false swipe?

What Pokemon Can Learn False Swipe Naturally?
Gallade. Image source: Pinterest

The ūüĒ• best Pok√©mon that I have worked with and is known for being one of the best at the False Swipe move is the Gallade.

Its ability to ūüďČ lower the Hit Points of any of its opponents to the maximum point and its high stats for Attack is the reason why it is the best Pok√©mon to teach the False Swipe move.

What legendary Pokémon can learn false swipe?

There are various legendary Pokémons that I have encountered that can learn the False Swipe move and. Below are some of them and which game they are from:


The name of the game found


Generation 1


Generation 8


The Isle of Armor Expansion

Who is the best False Swipe user in Arceus?

Pokemon to teach False Swipe Naturally
False Swipe user in Arceus. Image source: Pinterest

In Arceus, there is a variety of False Swipe users, including the Gyarados, who I think are the best Pok√©mon, but the Scizor, who is one of the evolved forms of Scyther and that has ūüďą high stats in Attack and defense and is extremely powerful when they use the False Swipe move.

Is false swipe a good move for Pokémon?

I discovered that a False Swipe move is a moderately ūüí™ powerful move that gives your opponent a one-hit point after an attack, making it a fairly good move.

Sometimes, for the False Swipe move to be more effective in catching Pokémon, particularly the shiny and rare ones, you may opt to combine the False Swipe move with either the 3 Chewtle Claws, the 3 Kricketot Shells, or the 400 LP at any Pokémon Centre.


How much damage can a Pokémon deal with the false swipe move?

For the many times I have used the False Swipe move on another Pokémon, I realized that the False Swipe move caused damage to its opponent by hitting but will only leave it at one Hit Point or make it faint.

If I used the False Swipe move on a substitute Pokémon, the move would break it and leave the substitute Pokémon without a Hit Point.

This has been beneficial to my Pokémon in my attacks.


Where can you find a false swipe?

As I was looking for where to get the False Swipe, I discovered that you can ūü§Ď purchase it at any of the Pok√©mon Centers in Motostoke.

This was the easiest way to get the False Swipe move in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

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