Can You Catch Litten in Pokémon Violet? (Where to Find Litten in Pokémon Violet?)

One of my favorite things to do as a Pokémon enthusiast is catching starters. I like to catch them when they spawn and later evolve them to their superior forms.

The latest addition to my collection is two adorable Littens 😊.

Although I may not have much use for a Litten, I am looking forward to its evolved version, the Incineroar.

Having one in my team will help me take down some opponents. If you are interested in having one of your own, read on to learn where to find and catch a Litten in Pokémon Violet.

Can You Catch Litten in Pokémon Violet?

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Absolutely. The Indigo Disk DLC has introduced back the Litten in Pokémon Violet. The black and red striped cat is a favorite of many Pokémon players.

It is good-looking, and its final form is pretty formidable 😃. Besides, it is not a rare type of Pokémon, so it is quite easy to catch one.

You can spot them walking alone or in clusters. Their bright whiskers are easy to notice from afar.

Where Can You Get Litten in Pokémon Violet?

Where Can You Get Litten in Pokémon Violet?
Get Litten in Pokémon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

Litten is found on the northern side of the Canyon Biome. However, they will only appear after you have complied with the Support Board’s request to Boost Biodiversity in the Canyon Biome.

To do this, you must have 3,000 BP. Next, go to the League Club room and use the computer there to donate the BP to the Terrarium Club.

These will upgrade the Canyon biome, allowing Litten to spawn. You can then head over to the northwestern side of the Canyon Biome and try your luck in catching a few.

How to Catch Litten in Pokémon Violet

How to Catch Litten in Pokémon Violet
Catch Litten in Pokémon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

To catch Litten in Pokémon Violet, you must spend 3,000 BP in donations to upgrade the Canyon Biome. The upgrade boosts the Biodiversity in the Canyon, unlocking Litten and another starter Pokémon.

You earn the BP by completing as many quests on Pokémon Violet as you can. Once you have upgraded the Canyon, explore the Northwestern side of it.

The Canyon Biome is filled with dark caves and high cliffs 😬. This may cause you to have a hard time exploring the area.

Litten is not a rare-type Pokémon, so it is easy to spot. Fortunately, they have bright whiskers you can spot from far or around the corners.

To increase your chances of catching one, gain leverage by inflicting a condition on it, such as sleep or paralysis. Leverage allows you to catch the Litten off-guard.

Alternatively, throwing Poke balls will work, too. To have even better luck, use a Great Ball if you have one.

Litten is also weak against Water, Rock, and Ground types, so you could use these to catch them 😃. The table below shows a summary of the Pokémon Type Litten, which is weak and strong against.

This information will guide you on what Pokémon to use or not use when catching Litten.

Weak Against

Strong Against











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