How does Pokémon Sleep work? (Is Pokémon Sleep accurate?)

Being a die-hard Pokémon fan, I’ve found a unique way to show love to my Pokémon – by cuddling with them and ensuring we all get a good night’s sleep. I discovered that sleep helps me relax and boosts my Pokémon’s strength and happiness.

That’s when I stumbled upon a special app that links my sleep routine with my Pokémon adventures. This innovative app rewards me with in-game bonuses and allows me to catch Pokémon while I’m in dreamland.

In this article, I’ll dive into how this app works and share my insights on its accuracy.

Let’s dive in and explore the fun side of enjoying Pokémon, even when I’m catching some Z’s! 🤣

How does Pokémon Sleep know if you’re sleeping?

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Pokémon Sleep is a cool game that transforms your sleep into a fun experience. It uses your phone’s accelerometer or MEMS-based accelerometer sensors to monitor your sleep. The counting kicks off during the first “Slumbering” phase, where minimal movement is detected.

If you start it a bit early, like 5 minutes before you hit the bed or while it’s on a table, it should begin tracking almost immediately. 🌙📱

Is Pokémon Sleep accurate?

To what extent can we rely on the accuracy of Pokémon Sleep?
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Pokémon Sleep uses your phone’s movement to track your sleep, but its accuracy depends on a few things:

  • Movement: If you move a lot in your sleep or have other sources of movement, like a pet hopping on the bed, the app might think you’re awake.
  • Phone Placement: Where you put your phone matters. It might not catch your movements well if it’s too far away, giving you incorrect sleep data.
  • Disturbances: Anything that disturbs your phone, like notifications or calls, can mess with the accuracy of sleep tracking.
  • Algorithm Differences: Pokémon Sleep has its way of reading data, which can lead to differences compared to other sleep-tracking devices or apps.

Although designed as a sleep tracker, Pokémon Sleep may not always accurately track sleep🎯. It might think you’re sleeping even before you doze off.

Also, any disturbance, even if it’s not your fault, could be picked up by the app, leading to inaccuracies in your sleep data.

What are the stages of Pokémon Sleep?

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In the game, your sleep is divided into three stages: Dozing, Snoozing, and Slumbering. Each type represents a different stage of sleep and attracts different Pokémon.

Here’s a closer look: 🌙🎮

Sleep Type

Corresponding Sleep Stage


Attracted Pokémon Types


Awake or Light Sleep

This stage is like being “awake” or in a “light sleep” during your sleep cycle.

Dark-type Pokémon.Grass-type, Poison-type, and Bug-type,


REM Sleep or Stages 1-2 of NREM Sleep

This stage is when you’re in deep sleep and having intense dreams, like during REM sleep or in the early non-deep sleep stages (Stages 1-2 of NREM sleep).

Fire-type, Fairy-type Pokémon Normal-type, Psychic-type, and Electric-type,


Stage 3 of NREM Sleep

This stage is when you’re in deep sleep and have vivid dreams. It’s either during REM sleep or the early non-deep sleep stages (Stages 1-2 of NREM sleep).

, Ground-type, baby Pokémon.Rock-type Pokémon and water-type

How do Pokémon get full in Pokémon Sleep?

Is Pokémon Sleep accurate?
Pokémon Sleep. Image source: Pinterest

In Pokémon Sleep, the more Pokémon show up at your camp while you sleep, the stronger Snorlax’s Drowsy Power is✴️.

This power naturally comes from Snorlax and draws in Pokémon, helping you fill your Pokédex.

To boost Snorlax’s Drowsy Power, play Pokémon Sleep during the day. Also, feeding Snorlax during daylight strengthens it, attracting even more Pokémon at night.

It’s like a cool cycle that encourages playing during the day and sleeping at night for a fun gameplay experience. 🌙🎮🌜💤🍽️

How does the sleep effect work in Pokémon?

How reliable is Pokémon Sleep in terms of accuracy?
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In Pokémon games, being asleep is a condition that stops a Pokémon from making moves for a random number of turns💤. How long it stays asleep depends on the game generation; in Generation I, it’s 1 to 7 turns.

When a Pokémon is asleep, certain moves like Dream Eater, Nightmare, and Bad Dreams abilities can affect it. Sleep stops most moves, but there are exceptions.

A sleeping Pokémon can use moves like Sleep Talk and Snore. Sleep Talk lets it use a move randomly, while Snore can only be used if the Pokémon is asleep😆.

Do I have to keep Pokémon Sleep open?

To measure your sleep properly with Pokémon Sleep, keep the app open on your phone all night🌙📱. Don’t turn it off or close your screen.

The app uses your phone’s sensors to determine your sleep patterns by detecting your movements.

For the best results, put your device by your pillow or somewhere it can notice your body movements.

Why is Pokémon Sleep not tracking my sleep?

Can Pokémon Sleep be considered accurate in its functionality?
Pokémon Sleep not tracking my sleep. Image source: Pinterest

The ‘No Valid Sleep Session Found’ error in Pokémon Sleep happens when the app can’t accurately detect or record your sleep.

This might be because your sleep is too short (less than an hour and thirty minutes), or there are device settings or hardware issues.

Also, the app might not function well on devices that have been changed or modified in ways not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

How do you wake up from sleep in Pokémon?

In Pokémon games, a sleeping Pokémon will wake up independently after some turns, but the exact number depends on the game generation.

To wake up a Pokémon immediately, you can use an item called an Awakening or a Chesto Berry.

In Generation II, a Mint Berry works like a Chesto Berry, instantly waking up a sleeping Pokémon during battle.

What is the most accurate sleep move in Pokémon?

Is the data provided by Pokémon Sleep considered trustworthy?
Most accurate sleep move in Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

In Pokémon games, different moves can make a Pokémon fall asleep, but Spore is the standout with 100% accuracy, meaning it always works under regular conditions.

However, remember that even though Spore is highly accurate, its effectiveness can still be affected by things like the target Pokémon’s type and abilities.

Can you evolve a sleeping Pokémon?

Certainly, in Pokémon Sleep, you can make your Pokémon evolve. This happens by using Candies, reaching a particular level, sleeping for a specific number of hours, or using certain evolution items😅.

For example, evolving Pichu into Pikachu requires 20 hours of sleep with Pichu and 20 candies. Remember, each Pokémon has a specific level it must reach to evolve.

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