Pokémon vs. Temtem: Which game should you get?

I’ve always been a Pokémon enthusiast from a young age. But when Temtem joined the gaming scene, my curiosity and interest couldn’t help but be piqued 🙃. A lot of games kept pitting the two against one another. Some players claimed Temtem was the best while others sided with Pokémon.

Wanting to make up my own mind, I decided to dedicate my time to learning more about Temtem and how it works 🤓. Truthfully, both franchises have certain advantages and both have had their moments in the spotlight. But the real question is, which of the two offers a better gaming experience? Would you rather play Pokémon or Temtem?

If these are questions you have been struggling with, then you’ve come to the right place😃. Combining my vast knowledge of both Pokémon and Temtem with my experience as a long-time game, I have come up with this article to objectively determine which game is better. So, make sure you read the entire article to understand my final verdict.

Pokémon vs. Temtem – How They Compare.

Let’s start with a quick summary of how the two games compare as demonstrated in the table below:




Battle style

1v1 battles

2v2 battles

Multiplayer concept

Allows multiple players in teraraids not in competitive battle.

Allows multiple players throughout the game.

Catching mechanism

Uses Pokeballs

Uses TemCards


Larger community globally

A smaller but growing community

What are the differences between Pokémon and Temtem?

Pokémon vs. Temtem
Temtem – Deluxe Edition. Image source: Nintendo

Like many other creature collection-centered video games that came after Pokémon, Temtem has also gone through the backlash of being a Pokémon rip-off. But this time around I can’t blame most people for thinking so. The two games share some striking similarities even from the creatures to the game mechanics. In fact, I once came across a fellow gamer who thought Temtem was one of Pokémon’s spinoffs.

Pokémon vs. Temtem

Via Reddit

But even with that said, Temtem does differ from Pokémon. It is these differences that will help us determine the better game between the two. The differences are as follows:

Battling system

Both Pokémon and Temtem battles follow a turn-based system. They, however, have slight differences in the battle mechanics that make a whole world of difference. In Pokémon, the battles are largely dependent on type advantage.

As a player, you have to strategically pick the moves of your Pokémon based on the opposing Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses. Other than that, because the battles are usually 1v1 (1 Pokémon vs 1 Pokémon at a time), the battles are fairly easy once you get the hang of it🙂. You go in turns attacking and defending until you or your opponent’s Pokémon lose all their HP.

On the other hand, Temtem battles are 2v2, meaning you play with two Temtem on the battlefield. While this game also uses type advantages, it’s more challenging given the double teams. It’s harder to guess the best move given the combined type advantage of the opponent’s team. This is just one of the many examples of how the slight changes in Temtem’s battle style make a whole lot of difference😃.

With that said, in terms of battles, Temtem is the winner 🏅. Its battles offer more of a challenge, especially for experienced gamers. But if you are a novice looking for something simpler, then Pokémon is a better choice.

Multiplayer concept

Pokémon vs. Temtem
Temtem multiplayer. Image source: Nintendo

Pokémon is largely a single-player-centered game, especially given the objectives you need to achieve to complete the game. Even so, it does have some fun multiplayer features. For example, you can connect with players online and trade. You can also form teams and go on teraraids. But as fun as this sounds, it doesn’t come close to the multiplayer experience most gamers have been hoping the game would introduce.

In Temtem, however, you get to experience this concept better. Using the co-op feature you can enter into battle with other players online and even join up as teams of two throughout the game. No need for special events. This once again increases the challenge of the game and makes it more interactive and interesting. What’s more, you can also trade Temtem, items and so much more with other players.

So, in this category, the point goes to Temtem 💯. It incorporates the multiplayer concept way better than Pokémon does, making the game more interactive.

Catching mechanism

Since both games involve capturing creatures, the capture mechanism is very important. Once again this is an area where the two share some similarities. The process of capture is seemingly the same between the two games. You first have to weaken the monster before capturing it.

In Pokémon you engage it in battle, reduce their HP and then throw a Pokeball at it. In Temtem, you reduce its health and place a status condition on them before throwing a TemCard. But despite the similarity, there’s just something classic and nostalgic about throwing a Pokeball at a Pokémon. Maybe it is how it wiggles before you get the satisfying click assuring you of your victory. Whatever it is, Temtem hasn’t quite managed to surpass it.

Therefore, Pokémon wins in this category 🏆. The Pokeball capture mechanism is just a classic no game will ever be able to fully replicate.


Pokémon vs. Temtem- Which game should you get?
Pokémon game. Image source: Pokemon

This may not be a big deal for most gamers, but as a novice, it is an important factor to consider. Having a gaming community improves your experience in playing the games. You can share tips, cheats, and other fun facts about the games. You also keep each other up to date regarding what’s new, or if any new releases or events are coming up.

On one hand, Pokémon has been around for a very long time. In all those years, it has gained a massive and dedicated community that I am proud to consider myself a part of. What’s more, this community is global. Temtem on the other hand is still a fairly new franchise. While its fan following is growing rapidly by the day, I can’t say the community is as big as Pokémon’s. But there’s still time and room for growth.

For now, however, Pokémon takes the crown👑 for having a wider recognized community. No surprise there though, it’s had decades to build it.

Final Verdict: So, Which is better? – Pokémon or Temtem?

All things considered; Pokémon is the better game of the two. Yes, there are things that Temtem does better, like the battle mechanisms and multiplayer concepts. But Pokémon has more experience in creating video games, in fact over a decade’s worth of experience. This is evident in the quality of games it continues to produce. Even though the franchise has let us down in some instances *cough* Sword and Shield *cough*, it has shown its dedication to continually improve.

Even with that said, Temtem is an up-and-coming game worth looking out for. It has already taken the gaming industry by storm and growing rapidly in popularity by the day. Furthermore, if you are a game looking for a more challenging game, the game is worth a try.

FAQ Section

Which is more popular Pokémon or Temtem?

Pokémon is more popular on a global level. While Temtem is quickly building a fan base, the Pokémon community is still bigger and just as dedicated.

Who came first between Temtem and Pokémon?

Pokémon came first. The first Pokémon game was released globally in 1997, whereas the first Temtem game came out in 2022.

Which one is easier to play Pokémon or Temtem?

Based on the complexity of battle mechanics, Temtem offers more of a challenge compared to Pokémon/ Still, it mostly depends on your skill and experience as a gamer.

Which one should you play first between Pokémon and Temtem

The order in which you play the games doesn’t matter. The gameplay experience is different and playing one first won’t change the experience of the other.

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