Pokémon vs. Minecraft: Which game should you get?

Although Minecraft came out in 2011, it’s become quite the craze in gaming communities. The expansive world and numerous activities are the game’s biggest appeal. One of the coolest things about it is when it started doing Mashups with big games like Pokémon and Mario. It was mind-blowing🤯.

I’ve been a fan of Pokémon from a very young age. I’ve basically played all the mainline games released to this date😌. So, when Minecraft introduced Pixelmon, I was excited to experience it. But it also did raise a lot of questions like which game was better. Given my extensive knowledge as a gamer and having interacted with both games, I thought of writing this article to answer that question.

Pokémon vs. Minecraft

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In the article, I will give a detailed analysis of how the two games compare based on my experience as an avid gamer. So, if you’ve been trying to decide which of the two games to get, you’ll get all the answers you need here😃.

Pokémon vs. Minecraft – How They Compare.

First, before we get into the details of their differences, below is a table that summarizes how the two games compare:




Gameplay experience

  • Role Playing Game
  • Set objectives
  • Linear progression
  • Open-ended game
  • Flexible Objective
  • Self-paced progression

Game content

  • 9 generations of games
  • More content spread across the different generations
  • 7 game editions
  • More content within the game

Replay value

  • Slightly lower replay value
  • You can choose 3 different starters for a new experience
  • Higher replay value
  • You can try 4 different game modes for a new experience.

What are the differences between Pokémon and Minecraft?

Pokémon vs Minecraft. Image source: Pokemon

Minecraft and Pokémon are two very different games, so they each have their perks. That makes it even harder to decide which of the two is better. But as a gamer, I’ve come to learn that there are various factors you must consider when choosing the best game for you.

So, to decide which game is better, I will compare the two based on the following factors:

Gameplay Experience

Pokémon is a Role Playing Game (RPG). That means you assume the role of the protagonist in the game and go about achieving the different objectives. What I love about Pokémon is that the objectives of the game are clear. To become a Champion, I have to complete the Pokedex, collect gym badges, defeat the villain team, and battle the Elite Four.

Basically, the games mostly follow a linear progression, except for Scarlet and Violet. In the 9th generation games, they tried to introduce a more open-world concept that you can explore at will. The plot in the games was also divided into 3 story paths that you could take in any order. This was a unique twist to what you’d normally expect in Pokémon games, and I enjoyed the extra freedom.

Minecraft, however, while it does contain some role-play elements, isn’t categorized as an RPG. The game offers a more open-ended experience where you rely on your creativity and curiosity to survive🙃. There are many activities to choose from in the game, so the objectives are very flexible. It would depend on your preference, whether you like building, mining, battling, and so on.

But I prefer Pokémon’s gameplay experience. While I wouldn’t mind a little freedom when exploring the game, I like that Pokémon has clear, set objectives. The first time I played Minecraft I was a little lost because I didn’t understand the main point of the game (I guess I still don’t). It just felt like an endless game that I could keep playing for hours on end.

Therefore, in this category, the points go to Pokémon💯. It has a better gameplay experience for players who like games that have clear goals. But if you prefer an open-ended game where you have more control and freedom over how to progress through the game, then Minecraft is the better choice.

Game Content

Pokémon vs. Minecraft -Which game should you get?
Minecraft game. Image source: Pokemon

Since Pokémon has been around longer, you would expect that it has more game content released. While this is true, the same also applies to Minecraft. Both games have a lot of content within their games that offers a long-lasting gameplay experience. I’ve personally spent hours playing each one of these games.

But while Minecraft has 4 play modes: Creative, Survival, Hardcore, and Adventure, I feel Pokémon has a lot more to do. Plus, I personally prefer capturing Pokémon and battling trainers over building stuff in Minecraft (not that that can’t be fun too 😊).

Additionally, while Pokémon releases a new generation of games every two or so years, Minecraft is one game that just keeps getting updated with more activities. Although the core mechanics and plot of Pokémon games change so much from one generation to another, some generations have introduced new content. For example, Sun and Moon introduced Island trials, totem Pokémon, and Ultra Beasts.

In terms of numbers, Pokémon has more video games compared to Minecraft. To date, there are about 9 generations of Pokémon games each with at least 2 versions, whereas Minecraft only has about 7 editions so far.

Therefore, in terms of game content, I would have to say Pokémon has more to offer. Although, to be fair it has been around for a longer time.

Replay Value

Pokémon vs. Minecraft 
Minecraft mainline games. Image source: Minecraft

As a gamer, I like games that I can replay multiple times without the experience getting old. That way I’m getting the most value out of my money. I feel like both Pokémon and Minecraft offer me this but in different ways.

With Pokémon, the mainline games require you to pick a starter Pokémon. Depending on the starter you pick, the gameplay experience changes slightly. So, I can go back and pick another starter for a different experience. In Scarlet and Violet, three story paths also added to the game’s replay value.

In Minecraft, however, the possibilities in the game are endless. Because it is open-ended and the objectives are flexible, there is so much you can do in the game. You can try exploring new worlds first, before giving construction a try. I feel in that sense the game covers more interests compared to Pokémon.

So, in this category, Minecraft wins. The open-ended design and open-world concept give you more freedom to explore the game and try different things with each turn.

Final Verdict: So, Which is better? – Pokémon or Minecraft?

Finally, to answer the question, I would have to say, Pokémon is, by a small margin, a better game, mostly because it has clear objectives and a greater number of games to choose from compared to Minecraft. It is, however, worth pointing out, Minecraft has more content within the game. There is so much you can do, and in any given order, which gives it a higher replay value.

Overall, it mostly boils down to preference. As I said, the two games are vastly different and it depends on what type of game you prefer to play. Personally, I like Pokémon’s RPG with set objectives, but if you want a game where you can exercise your creativity and have more control then, Minecraft is a better choice.

FAQ Section

Which is more popular Pokémon or Minecraft?

Depends on who you ask, since both games have gained a massive following. However, according to Nintendo Life, Fandom Spot ranked Minecraft as having the leading Fandom followed closely by Pokémon in second place.

Which is more successful Pokémon or Minecraft?

Based on sales, Minecraft seems to be more successful. According to Statista, in just 5 years Minecraft had already sold more than half of what Pokémon has sold in over two decades. By 2021, Minecraft had sold 238 million copies since its first release, whereas as of 2023, Pokémon had sold 440 million copies from its first release.

Who came first between Minecraft and Pokémon?

Pokémon came first. The first Pokémon game was released globally in 1998, whereas the first Minecraft was first released in 2011.

Which one should you play first between Pokémon and Minecraft?

It doesn’t matter. The games offer different gameplay experiences and playing one before the other doesn’t take away from the experience.

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