What Pokemon Can’t Fall Asleep? (What Pokémon Types Are Immune to Sleep?)

I once battled an opponent who used Jigglypuff. That battle didn’t last long since he put my Pokemon to sleep. I was annoyed at the time because I was a newbie who didn’t know how to counter this 😡.

Fast forward a few years, and I jumped on a Discord Thread discussing Pokemon that are immune to sleep.

I couldn’t help but share my experience and what I had learned. That conversation led me down a rabbit hole as I researched Pokemon that cannot fall asleep.

Here’s what I learned…

What item doesn’t let Pokémon fall asleep?

Which Pokémon types are unaffected by the Sleep status condition?
Pokémon fall asleep. Image source: Pinterest

Sleep stops a Pokemon from moving for one or more turns. In the middle of a battle, this can spell disaster. Thankfully, there are items you can use to wake a sleeping Pokemon.

They are Awakening, Blue Flute, Casteliacone, Chesto Berry, Full Heal, Full Restore, Heal Powder, Lum Berry, Old Gateau, Poke Flute, and Sacred Ash 🤓.

Besides these items, some moves cure sleep and force the Pokemon awake. Here’s a table outlining some of these 👇:






Cures Status Effects

Wake up slap


Wakes up a sleeping opponent and deals double damage if they were asleep.



Deals damage and prevents sleep for 2 – 5 turns.



Prevents Status Effects.

Heal Ball


Cures all Status Effects

Also, some abilities confer immunity against sleep. They include Early Bird, Healer, Hydration, Insomnia, and LeafGuard.

Pokemon with these abilities are immune to specific causes of sleep.

What Pokémon types are immune to sleep?

What Pokémon Types Are Immune to Sleep?
Pokémon types. Image source: Pinterest

This depends on the game you’re playing.

In the main series

Immunity to sleep in the main series depends on the Pokemon’s abilities and the cause of sleep 🧐. For instance, Grass-types with Overcoat or holding Safety Goggles are immune to sleep caused by Spores and sleep Powder.

On the other hand, Pokemon with the SoundProof ability can resist sleep caused by Sing, Grass Whistle, and Relic Song.

Spin-off games

Spin-off games play by different rules. For instance, in Pokemon Shuffle, Ghost, Grass, Ice, Steel, Rock, Dark, and Fighting Types are immune to sleep.

Can Ghost Pokémon fall asleep?


Yes. You can put Ghost Pokemon to sleep using moves like Hypnosis, Sing, and Grass Whistle. It’s worth noting that Ghost Pokemon are immune to Normal and Fighting moves.

Therefore, Status moves like Hypnosis are effective against ghost types. However, Ghost Types with abilities like Insomnia can resist sleep.

What Pokémon are known to not fall asleep after hearing Jigglypuff’s song?

Can you list the Pokémon types that are immune to being put to sleep?
JigglyPuff. Image source: Pinterest

Pokemon with the SoundProof ability can resist falling asleep to JigglyPuff’s song. JigglyPuff is a Normal / Fairy type Pokemon introduced in Generation One.

It evolves from Igglybuff and evolves into Wigglytuff. JigglyPuff has a spherical body filled with air.

This Pokemon has a larger lung capacity than most Pokemon. It grabs its opponent’s attention, inflates its lungs, and sings a relaxing lullaby that puts its opponent to sleep.

Pokemon with SoundProof can resist all sound-based attacks, including JigglyPuff’s singing. These Pokemon include Voltorb, Electrode, Whismur, and Loudred.

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