What are the shiny Gen 9 Pokemon starters? (Are Gen 9 Pokémon shiny locked?)

The shiny Gen 9 Pokemon starters include Quaxly, Fuecoco, and Sprigatito. When I heard about these Pokémon, I was so eager to get Fuecoco and started teaching myself about all the three. 😿 However, I was disappointed to find out that they were locked.

After research, I discovered that even though I could not get a shiny at the start of the game, I could still get one later by catching a Ditto.

So today, I will inform you more about the shiny gen 9 Pokemon starters and help you figure out which is best and how to catch them.

How many Gen 9 Pokemon starters are shiny?

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Gen 9 offers three shiny starter Pokemon that include Quaxly, Fuecoco, and Sprigatito. You have the chance to breed these Pokémon in the Pokémon Picnic to get a shiny.

Sprigatito is a grass-type Pokémon while Fuecoco is a fire-type that you can also get at the beginning of the game from the professor.

If you are searching for a solid water type Pokémon in Gen 9 Paldea region, consider Quaxly. This is a powerful Pokémon famous for its evolutionary forms and quirky personality.

You can also breed it through the Pokémon Picnic to find a Shiny or obtain a Pokémon that has higher stats.

Are Gen 9 Pokémon shiny locked?

Are Gen 9 Pokémon shiny locked?
Gen 9 Pokémon shiny. Image source: Pinterest

Yes. Though Pokémon offers the opportunity to hunt shiny critters, the Gen 9 Pokémon shiny are locked. It is not yet clear when these locked shiny Pokémon will be made available.

🔜Many gamers expect this to happen sometime in future mainline games or on Pokémon Go events.

Some predict that the shiny locked Pokémon that were introduced in Gene 9 may remain unavailable until Gen 10.

In the past, it used to be possible for one to soft reset games repeatedly in an attempt to get a shiny starter.

However, recent generations have removed it.

What is the best Shiny Pokemon starter in Gen 9?

What is the best Shiny Pokemon starter in Gen 9?
Shiny Pokemon starter in Gen 9. Image source: Pinterest

The answer to this is subjective since all three Shiny Pokémon starters in Gen 9 are good. You cannot go wrong with any of them. With that said, if your focus is on completing the main story, consider Fuecoco.

This is a great Pokémon for the main campaign due to its high special attack. 🐢However, when it comes to speed, this is the slowest of the three.

Sprigatito is also highly competitive since it is the fastest of the three starters. It mostly leans toward physical moves and has a good attack stat.

Among the three, Quaxly has the best attack stat. Here is a table comparing the three shiny Pokémon starters in Gen 9.







Unaware (Hidden ability)


Moxie(Hidden ability)


Protean (Hidden ability)













Special Attack








Special defense




How to get shiny starter Pokemon in Gen 9

We mentioned that the easiest way for you to obtain a shiny starter Pokémon in gen 9 is by breeding. However, you should note that there is only a single Quaxly, Fuecoco, and Sprigatito per playthrough.

You can breed a shiny starter Pokémon by catching a Ditto since this Pokémon can transform into any other Pokémon.

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To find it, focus on the west of Medali around levels 28-30. As you catch a Ditto, ensure that the Ditto and the starter Pokémon you choose are both in the party.

If you know a player that has a shiny starter, you can try trading for one or trade for a regular starter Pokémon, then breed it with the Ditto.

🪺The starter Pokémon in Gen 9 can also be shiny if they are hatched from eggs.

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