What is the best legendary bird in Pokémon Go? (All Legendary birds in Pokémon Go)

The best legendary bird in Pokémon Go is Zapdos which is also the strongest.

I enjoy 🙌 discovering the hidden gems in Pokémon Go, and such are the Legendary Birds. Like most of the Pokémon legendries, birds in Pokémon Go are coveted by every Pokémon enthusiast.

Another thing that most players want to find out is the best legendary bird. Worry no more because I will not only list the Legendary birds in Pokémon Go but also rank them so that you can always seek the best ones.

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What is the strongest legendary bird in Pokémon Go?

What is the strongest legendary bird in Pokémon Go?
Legendary bird in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Although it is difficult to determine the strongest legendary bird in Pokémon Go, most enthusiasts say that Zapdos is the strongest💪.

The other closest contestants are Articuno and Moltres. Their performance and total stats are pretty impressive, making it difficult to determine with absolute certainty the strongest one.

Some of the reasons why most choose Zapdos as the strongest is because it performs the best across the Go Battle League and has better Electric-type PvE and attack stats in the game.

Another thing that makes Zapdos exceptional, is that it has very few weaknesses. Its only weaknesses are Ice and Rock.

Besides being immune to Ground, it is strongly resistant to Grass, Steel, Bug, Flying, and Fighting Pokémon.

The table below shows the stats of the three strongest legendary birds in Pokémon Go.





Max CP
















Which legendary bird is the hardest to catch?

Which legendary bird is the hardest to catch?
Legendary bird. Image source: Pinterest

It is also not easy to state with absolute certainty, that the hardest Legendary bird 🐥to catch. However, most enthusiasts say that Articuno is the hardest to catch.

Among the three, strongest legendary birds, Articuno is the toughest in Special and Physical Defense. The major reason why most believe it is the hardest to catch is because of its location and low catch rate.

This legend is located in the Seafoam Island and within the Native Kanto region.

The Native Kanto region is the most difficult to navigate compared to Victory Road where Moltres is located and the Power Plant where Zapdos is located.

Another reason why Articuno is hard to catch is due to its high flee rate. Most of the Pokémon enthusiasts who share their frustration in catching this legend say that the bird runs away after the first unsuccessful attempt.

Such is frustrating especially when you had given your all in a raid battle.

What is the rarest legendary bird in Pokémon Go?

What is the rarest legendary bird in Pokémon Go?
Rarest legendary bird. Image source: Pinterest

Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos are arguably the rarest legendary birds 🐦 in Pokémon Go. Some believe that Galarian Moltres is the rarest of the three. The reason most believe that the three are the rarest is because of the difficulty in seeing and catching them.

It is difficult to see the three because they are raid-exclusive, which means that, unlike regular wild spawns, they only appear in Raid Battles.

Raid events are rare and require trainer coordination as well as Raid Passes hence making these legendary birds rare.

Additionally, the three birds have a lower individual spawn rate. This means that it is still more difficult to encounter them than any other eve in a raid event.

Finally, their legendary status and strength increase their rarity. Every legendary Pokémon is rare, however, the strongest and the most desirable are the rarest.

Since the three are the strongest, they are naturally rare to ensure only the best players can find them.

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