What is the Pokemon Violet save bug? (How to fix corrupted saved files in Pokemon Violet)

As a long-time Pokemon player, I’ve experienced the sadness of losing and the joy of winning Pokemon Scarlet and Viole battles.

Sadly, nothing prepared me for the shock of encountering the Pokemon Violet save bug, also known as the Corrupted Data Bug, which is an issue where a player’s save data is read as corrupted after experiencing sudden game crashes.

This bug turned my hours of progress into a frustrating dead end. After a few attempts to recover from this bug, I finally managed to come out of this nightmare, which is why, in this article, I’ll look into ways to fix it and discuss why it’s a significant problem for players.

Let’s take this walk together! 🥰

How to fix the save file bug in Pokemon Violet

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There hasn’t been any official communication from the Pokemon Company regarding how to address the save file bug.

Nevertheless, some players have reported that avoiding connections with Pokémon GO or refraining from downloading the DLC can potentially prevent the occurrence of the bug.

For those who have already experienced the bug, reaching out to the Nintendo support team has proven helpful in recovering saved files for some players🥳.

Additionally, there’s mention of a data reconstruction tool that can restore corrupted game data while keeping the save file intact; however, these are suggestions from the community and might not be effective for everyone.

It’s advisable to regularly back up your saved files to mitigate the risk of data loss. While an official fix from the Pokémon Company may be released, it might be worth waiting if you’re currently facing this issue.

If you’re one of the rare players encountering this problem, contacting Nintendo support could assist in restoring what was lost due to this specific bug.

How to fix corrupted saved files in Pokemon Violet

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TragGaming, a Reddit user, suggests an easy fix for the “Save Data is Corrupted” error on the Nintendo Switch. They have successfully tested this solution with three different saves and two Switch consoles.

However, to proceed, make sure you are using your Home Switch when dealing with the digital edition of the game. If you have the game on disc, there’s no need for concern.

Afterward, proceed with the following steps:




Double-check the error to confirm that it is indeed the “Save Data is Corrupted” error, not just a game crash, as sometimes it is unrelated to data corruption.


Create an alternative or new Nintendo Switch account.


Play on the alternative account until you reach a point where you can save, then save the game.


Exit the game after saving and switch over to your main account. Reload your Pokemon game, and you’ll be able to play and log in as normal.

It’s not yet stated what causes the data corruption, but following these steps should help you bypass the bug and continue playing your game.

What is the game breaking bug in Pokémon Violet?

What is the game breaking bug in Pokémon Violet?
Game breaking bug in Pokémon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

A bug has been found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which causes the game to break. This occurs when the player hovers over their party from the fourth to the sixth position, resulting in an error message and the game getting frozen😬.

This situation arises when the player has already registered the legendary Pokemon Koraidon (in Pokemon Scarlet) or Miraidon (in Pokemon Violet) in their Pokedex without knowing about the bug😫.

The bug appears during a crucial moment in the game’s main storyline, specifically when the player and their key supporting characters head to Area Zero to face the primary campaign climax.

To resolve this issue, the player can scroll up from the first Pokemon until they can go past it and enter into the ride at the bottom or go into battle with only three Pokemon. However, The Pokemon Company has not yet acknowledged or commented on this bug, and there is no news about any upcoming announcement to fix the problem.

Did Pokemon fix the save file bug in Pokemon Violet?

Did Pokemon fix the save file bug in Pokemon Violet?
Save file bug in Pokemon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

Although the Pokemon Violet game has been recognized to have a problem with saving files, the exact cause for this bug has not been fully revealed yet, making it difficult to find a fix🥺.

However, this is an incredibly rare bug, and there have been no recent reports of it occurring.

In case a player experiences this bug, they can contact support to get their saved files repaired🥰. It is worth noting that this bug has been reported fewer than 100 times globally, which is quite rare given that the game has sold over 22 million copies worldwide.

Some users have speculated that the bug may have been fixed without any official word from the Pokemon Company.

For such rare instances, it is recommended to reach out to Nintendo Support for assistance.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the restoration process may take several weeks.

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