Is Maushold a good Pokémon? (what is the best moveset for Maushold Pokémon?)

Maushold is a good Pokémon because of how it works with family dynamics to defeat the opponent. I have played Pokémon ever since the 1990s craze, and Maushold is my favorite selection during the game.

I am fascinated by its unique abilities and how they collaborate to become victorious🥳.

As a Pokémon enthusiast, I will help you have an in-depth understanding of Maushold including why it is considered rare and so much more.

Let’s get started.

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Which maushold is rarer?

Which maushold is rarer?
Which maushold is rarer? Image source: Pinterest

The family of three is one of the rarest Maushold, and catching it can be only done by taking the Pokémon through an evolution.

Maushold can be evolved in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet so that it can be a family of three🙌.

The family of three is rare also because you need to find the Tandemaus which is quite difficult to locate. The Tandemaus are taken through the evolution process to become a family of three Mausholds.











What is the secret ability of Maushold?

What is the secret ability of Maushold?
Secret ability of Maushold. Image source: Pinterest

The main secret ability of Maushold is how it possesses a technician which is essential in helping the Pokémon transform into an attacker during the game.

Technician is a special ability which helps increase the power in all moves. Cheek Pouch is another secret ability acquired by Maushold by consuming a berry.

The power ensures that it gives the Pokémon enough health to last during the game.

Friend guard is another secret ability that increases the protection percentage against the damages caused by the opponents during the battle.

What item should Maushold hold?

What item should Maushold hold?
Maushold. Image source: Pinterest

The item that Maushold should hold during the game is the Wild lens. The population bomb is a Maushold ability that requires the wild lens item to ensure that the Pokémon becomes quite competitive in Tera battles. Population Bomb has high power stats and it inspects the attack before dispatching it to the opponent😁.

The Wild lens items are efficient in ensuring that population bomb move affects and lowers the opponent Pokémon’s defenses.

What is Maushold’s weakness?

Maushold can be weak against the Pokémon with reflection abilities that might mirror the damage. For instance, Pokémon like Rocky Helmet possess the reflect moveset and it can be quite fatal when the Population Bomb moveset is reflected to Maushold causing a huge damage💪.

Maushold is a normal-type Pokémon and it can be quite weak to fighting Pokémon because it does not have any fighting abilities.

Maushold is also weak to manipulation especially because it lives in a family dynamic setting. It is easy for the Maushold to be manipulated using their emotions and you can turn them against each other.

The weaknesses reduce Maushold’s reliability during the game.

What is the best moveset for Maushold?

What is the best moveset for Maushold?
Moveset for Maushold. Image source: Pinterest

The best moveset for Maushold is the Tidy Up and it is excellent for clearing any hazards that might affect how it functions during the game.

Population Bomb is another best moveset for Maushold especially when holding Wild Lens as an item. Population Bomb ensures that it has enough clarity when attacking the opponent Pokémon.

Low-kick is part of the best moveset possessed by Maushold because it helps it fight against strength Pokémon like Rock and Steel type.

A combination of these best movesets is what makes Maushold effective in Tera battle and can tackle the opponent.

What moves can Maushold learn?

One move that Maushold can learn is population control which will play a huge role in weakening the opponent Pokémon in the game.

Population control is a powerful move that should be learned especially when Maushold is being used in battling a lot of rivals during the game.

Follow me is another moveset that Maushold can learn which draws the opponent Pokémon towards it and gets an upper hand in starting the attack.

Which Pokémon counter Maushold?

Which Pokémon counter Maushold?
Which Pokémon counter Maushold? Image source: Pinterest

Maushold can be countered by Mega Blaziken which is a fighting type Pokémon. Maushold is weak against the fighting type Pokémon and if you are looking to defeat it you can use the Mega Blaziken has a high damage-dealing capacity meaning that it can fight against the ground move.

Maushold can also be countered by a water-type Pokémon like Kyogre because it has a resistance to ground moves. Kyogre takes advantage of the Maushold’s weaknesses and counters it defeating it in battle.

You can defeat Maushold as an opponent by learning its weaknesses and using the Pokémon that surpasses its abilities.

How do you build a team with Maushold?

You can build a team with Maushold by learning about its unique moveset and understanding how its family dynamics work.

The main objective is to try and befriend the Pokémon so that it can give the best of its ability during the game.

You can also build a team with Maus hold by learning its weaknesses and ensuring that it is protected throughout the Pokémon game.

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