Is Charizard Dx Rare? (How much is Charizard DX Worth?)

Charizard cards are some of the most influential cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Over the years, I’ve acquired and traded some of these cards during events, games, and with friends.

However, some Charizard cards are just too priceless to trade. The Charizard dx 52/100 is an example of those cards🔥.

Since its release in 2020 as part of the DX set, it has remained rare, with only a few being graded and sold.

Let’s talk about the value of the Charizard dx card.

How much is Charizard dx worth?

What is the market worth of Charizard DX?
Charizard dx. Image source: Pinterest

The Charizard dx card is rare, with prices ranging from USD 15 – 250. Of course, these prices change depending on whether the card is at near-mint condition or ungraded.

Additionally, the price is influenced by whether the card is originally from Nintendo or just fake fan art.

Charizard cards are pricey because they represent the most popular Pokémon character of all time. Throughout the trading card games, Charizard cards have prices above most of the other Pokémon.

The Charizard dx card owes its heavy price to how powerful it is. It has an HP of 500 and can deal damages of 60 to any Pokémon played in a specific round.

Is Charizard dx a real card?

What is the monetary value of Charizard DX?
Charizard dx. Image source: Pokemon

The Charizard dx is a real Pokémon card released in 2020 by Nintendo. It is a gold metallic design of the dragon-type Pokémon – Charizard Dynamax.

It is the full-art illustration of Charizard’s Dynamax in battle, with flames all around. It also has a foil finish.

There are also custom-made Charizard dx cards that aren’t legally part of the Pokémon TCG collection. You can buy one if you are getting it for the nostalgia, but keep in mind that you can’t use it in official play because it’s not affiliated with Pokémon😮‍💨.

Is Charizard dx a first-edition card?


No. Charizard dx is not a first edition Pokémon card🙁😢 . First edition cards were the first Pokémon cards released in the 1990s by the Wizards of the Coast. They are all shadowless cards that have the First Edition stamp.

On the other hand, Charizard DX cards were released in 2020 by Pokémon, Nintendo, Creature, and GameFreak as part of the DX set.

What are other rare Charizard Cards?

How much is Charizard DX currently priced at?
Charizard Cards. Image source: Pokemon

Several rare Charizard cards are worth a dime – literally! Apart from the Charizard dx, these include Charizard EX, Shining Charizard, Charizard VMAX, and Charizard Gold Star. Some cards are part of limited promo or staff releases, making them even rarer.

Rare Charizard cards range from 120 – 300,000 USD at the moment. The prices vary depending on the card set and its current condition.

Charizard cards represent one of the greatest Pokémon of all time (yes! You heard me), hence the hefty prices.

Here is a table of several rare Charizard cards and their current market prices.

Charizard Card


Price (in USD)

Charizard EX

Fire Red and Leaf Green

120 – 300

Vivid Voltage

Sword and Shield Promo

250 – 1000

Charizard EX

XY Series


Charizard Gold Star

EX Dragon Frontiers

700 – 10000

Charizard Pre-release

Evolutions Staff Collection

800 – 13000


Sky ridge

900 – 12000

Charizard EX

Japanese XY Series

1700 – 2000

Charizard VMAX

Brilliant Stars


Shining Charizard

NEO Destiny First Edition



1999 Holographic First Edition

Up to 300000

Note that all prices are dynamic.

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