What Happens to All of Ash’s Pokemon? (Where Do All of Ash’s Pokemon Go)

Ash was always an enigma. He caught and bonded with Pokemon for a season before releasing them into Professor Oak’s lab.

Initially, I thought this was weird 😕 until I watched the Johto Journeys series. Nevertheless, I often wondered what happened with Ash’s Pokemon after letting them go.

I asked myself whether they continued training or whether they retired. Anyway, that remains to be seen 🤔.

For now, let’s focus on where all of Ash’s Pokemon go.

Where do all of Ash’s Pokemon go?

Where do all of Ash's Pokémon go after he catches them?
Ash’s Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Ash leaves most of his Pokemon with Professor Oak whenever he starts a new region. He does this in an attempt at fair play 🧐. We first see this in “The Double Trouble Header,” the second episode of the Johto Journeys series.

Here, Ash battles a young trainer called Casey. He uses his powerful Charizard against her Pidgey, Rattata, and Chikorita.

His friends Brock and Misty call him out for this, citing an unfair advantage. These accusations prompt Ash to follow Gary’s lead in leaving his Pokemon behind whenever he enters a new region.

Additionally, Ash also released some Pokemon. For instance, he released Butterfree during the Indigo League and Goodra during the XY series.

Ash has owned a total of 98 Pokemon species. Even without the cheating allegations, it’s easy to see why leaving most of them behind makes sense.

Here’s a table summarizing Ash’s Pokemon throughout the animated series 👇:

League/ Region


Kanto/ Indigo

Butterfree, Pidgeot, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charizard.


Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Lapras, Charizard, Snorlax, and Pikachu


Bayleef, Totodile, Phanpy, Noctowl, Cyndaquil,a nd Pikachu.


Battle Frontier

Torkoal, Corphish, Grovyle, Pikachu, and Swellow.

Sceptile, Corphish, Aipom, Pikachu, Swellow, and Donphan


Buizel, Gliscor, Gible, Staraptor, Torterra, Infernape, and Pikachu


Pignite, Oshawott, Snivy, Krookodile, Palpitoad, Unfezant, Boldore, Charizard, Leavanny, Scraggy, and Pikachu.


Greninja, Noibat, Hawlucha, Talonflame, and Pikachu.


Lycanroc, Nagandael, Melmetal, Rowlet, Incineroar, and Pikachu.


Mimey, Gengar, Dracovish, Lucario, Sirfetch’d, Dragonite, and Pikachu.

Does Ash ever see his old Pokémon again?

After Ash captures Pokémon, where do they go?
Does Ash ever see his old Pokémon again? Image source: Pinterest

Yes. Ash reunites with his old Pokemon in episode 68 of the Journeys series. Ash and Goh return to Pallet to deliver materials from Professor Cerise to Professor Oak’s lab.

Ash briefly reunites with his old Pokemon while Professor Oak tells them about an upcoming project to catch Mew.

This reunion was, however, short-lived as Ash and Goh teamed up with Gary to find Ash’s Infernape.

Their side quest ended in a battle against Moltres, a Legendary Pokemon.


Why did Ash stop using his old Pokémon?

As mentioned, Ash stopped using his old Pokemon after his friends accused him of cheating after using an overpowered Charizard against Casey’s Pokemon.

Brock and Misty confronted him about this, and he decided to leave his old Pokemon under Professor Oak’s care whenever he entered a new region.

Additionally, Ash believes doing so helps him grow as a trainer instead of relying on his old Pokemon.

Where does Ash leave his Pokemon when he starts a new journey?

Ever wonder where Ash's Pokémon end up?
Ash Pokémon, new journey. Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned, Ash leaves his Pokemon with Professor Oak. However, he also releases some of them. For instance, when Butterfree met a female, Ash released him.

He also released Charizard (albeit temporarily) in the Charicific Valley, where he trained with other Charizards.

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