What Pokemon does Kabu have? (What level Pokémon does Kabu have?)

Since I started playing Pokémon Sword and Shield, I have always admired Kabu due to his determination to perfect his skills.

😖However, I had challenges the first time I played against Kabu since I found this Gym leader harder to beat compared to the first two that I encountered, Milo and Nessa.

It took me some time to master how to beat Kabu, and since I am now an expert, I can teach you. This post will help you know more about Kabu’s Pokémon and what level Pokémon he has, so stick around for that and more!

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What level Pokémon does Kabu have?

What is the typical level range for Kabu's Pokémon?
Kabu Pokémon level. Image source: Pinterest

Kabu, the Gym Leader of Motostoke’s Gym, specializes in Fire-type Pokémon. This is the third Gym leader that you have to face after the water gym leader known as Nessa.

Kabu has three Pokémon, which include Centiskorch, Arcanine, and Ninetales.

👇 Here is a table giving more details regarding Kabu’s Pokémon, their levels, and their moves.







Fire, Bug

  • Smokescreen
  • Bug Bite
  • Coil
  • Flame Wheel




  • Agility
  • Bite
  • Flame wheel
  • Will-O-Wisp




All of Kabu’s Pokémon are weak against rock, ground, and water-type moves. The first Pokémon Centiskorch is weak against flying types.

What ability does Kabu’s Centiskorch have?

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Kabu’s Centiskorch has the ability known as flashfire. 🙌 This ability makes Centiskorch immune to fire-type moves and activates when it is hit by one. When it is activated, the power of Centiskorch’s fire-type moves is significantly increased by 50%.

Kabu used Centiskorch in a tag battle against Roy and Liko, forming a team with Wakaba’s Rolycoly. This gym leader managed to defeat Roy’s Fuecoco before he withdrew from the battle.

Apart from flamewheel and Bug Bite, Kabu’s Centiskorch also has another move known as Flamethrower.

How to Beat Kabu in Pokemon

What level Pokémon does Kabu have?
Beat Kabu in Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

Since Kabu’s Centiskorch is at the 27th level, you should raise a rock, ground, or water-type Pokémon up to level 25 to stand a chance of beating Kabu. You can also try leveling your Pokémon to level 27 to defeat this gym leader without much difficulty.

Consider adding Drednaw to your team. You can find this water/rock type Pokémon in the 2nd Mine area. Some other good Pokémon that you can catch and use against Kabu include Wooper and Magikarp, Tympole and Digglet.

From the first turn, Kabu will use Will-O-Wisp to burn your Pokémon. If you don’t have burn heals, beating Kabu may be challenging.

In this case, you can use Dynamax on a Pokémon with a type advantage against this Gym leader’s Fire-type to take out each of his Pokémon in two or one hits.

Since the burn status can cut your Pokémon’s attack in half, you can use a Rawst Berry to cure burn.

🏅When you beat Kabu, you will be rewarded a fire-type uniform that you can wear outside gym challenges, Will-O-Wisp, and TM38.

After the win, you will also manage to catch Pokémon up to level 35.

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