What Pokémon does Zorua hide as in Pokémon Go? (Why does Zorua disguise itself?)

Lost in the dynamic landscapes of Pokémon Go, my journey took an unexpected turn when I stumbled upon the mischievous Zorua. This enigmatic creature, known for its artful disguises, sparked my curiosity.

As I walked into the augmented reality wilderness, I pressured myself into finding out the Pokémon, which Zorua conceals itself as. When I did, my mind was blown away.

This Pokémon disguises as your current buddy. Now join me so we uncover the captivating tale behind Zorua’s elusive disguises in Pokémon Go. Let’s not waste a moment!😚

How does Zorua illusion work?

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Zorua’s illusion ability in the main series of games proves to be a distinctive and strategic asset. When deployed in battle, Zorua adopts the name and appearance of the most recent non-fainted Pokémon in your party.

This leads opponents to prepare for and employ moves effective against the Pokémon Zorua imitates, unaware that they are actually facing Zorua.

The Illusion persists until Zorua sustains damage from an attack, with the noteworthy exception that Weather Effects or Entry Hazards do not disrupt it. For instance, if a hailstorm is ongoing in the battle, Zorua incurs damage but maintains its Illusion.

This deceptive capability grants Zorua a significant strategic edge, causing adversaries to expend turns using ineffective moves, providing Zorua with an opening to strike effectively.

In Pokémon Go, Zorua employs this Illusion ability distinctly. It disguises itself as your present Buddy Pokémon on the overworld map.

Consequently, if you spot your Buddy Pokémon on the map, there’s a possibility that it might be Zorua in disguise😁.

Does Zorua disguise as your partner in Pokémon Go?

Does Zorua disguise as your partner in Pokémon Go?
Zorua. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, Zorua, in Pokémon Go, assumes the appearance of your current Buddy Pokémon. When your Buddy is set to Zorua, the Pokémon takes on the guise of your preceding Buddy instead of displaying itself in its true form on the map.

Yet, in the absence of a designated Buddy, Zorua will manifest in its usual form. Hence, spotting your Buddy Pokémon on the overworld map may signify the presence of a Zorua in disguise! 🐾🔀

Why does Zorua disguise itself?

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Zorua, known as the Tricky Fox Pokémon, has a unique ability to disguise itself, which is deeply rooted in its origins 🙂:

Origins and Inspiration

Zorua and its evolved stage, Zoroark, are thought to draw inspiration from the Kitsune found in Japanese folklore.

Kitsune are legendary foxes recognized for their cleverness and magical prowess, particularly their capability to change shape into human-like figures.

Zorua’s capacity to morph into various Pokémon reflects this influence derived from folklore.

A Bug in the Game

Remarkably, there existed a glitch in Pokémon Go where Zorua retained the statistics of the Pokémon it was pretending to be🤯. This glitch emphasized Zorua’s deceptive traits and its skill to submerge itself completely in its disguises.

How do you tell if a Pokemon is Zorua in disguise?

How do you tell if a Pokemon is Zorua in disguise?
Zorua in disguise. Image source: Pinterest

Identifying a disguised Zorua can be tricky, but there are a few tips to help you out:



Buddy Pokémon

Zorua will take on the appearance of the Pokémon you currently designate as your Buddy. Spotting your Buddy Pokémon on the overworld map might indicate the presence of a Zorua in camouflage.

Catch Encounter

Upon tapping on your “false Buddy” and initiating a standard catching encounter with the Pokémon, the identity of the creature as Zorua remains undisclosed. Successfully capturing it results in a surprised “Oh!” screen reminiscent of Ditto, and only then does Zorua unveil itself.

Distinctive Buddy

Certain trainers opt for a Shiny Pokémon or a sizable Shadow Pokémon as their designated Buddy. Shiny Pokémon don’t typically manifest on the overworld map, making their appearance a distinct indicator of Zorua’s presence.

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