Is Charizard upc worth keeping sealed? (should you open your Charizard upc?)

I still remember the day I got my first Charizard UPC. It was a sunny Saturday, and I had just finished my chores.

I ran and bought a pack of Pokémon cards at the nearest store, hoping to find something rare. I opened the pack, and there it was: a shiny, holographic Charizard UPC. I was overjoyed.

Nevertheless, deciding whether to unseal it or keep it sealed was tough. Charizard UPCs are rare and valuable, and since many fans face the same dilemma, I will share the benefits and cons of both options and give you some tips on making the best decision for yourself.

Is the Charizard UPC Worth Opening?

Is it recommended to open the UPC on your Charizard?
Charizard UPC. Image source: Pinterest

The Charizard UPC is a sought-after item for Pokémon TCG collectors, offering a mix of goodies. It includes 16 booster packs from different Sword and Shield sets, special promo cards (Charizard V, Charizard VMAX, and Charizard VSTAR), a Charizard Gigantamax playmat, and other TCG supplies.

The overall value of the Charizard UPC depends on a few factors:

  1. Promo Cards: The Charizard VSTAR promo is valued at approximately $27.93.
  2. Booster Packs: The 16 packs together are valued at around $64.
  3. Other Components: The open box with TCG components, including the Charizard playmat, is priced at about $18.

If you’re a Charizard fan or enjoy the excitement of opening packs🥰, the Charizard UPC is a worthwhile investment👏.

Is the Charizard UPC the Best Sealed Collection Investment?

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Investing in sealed Pokémon TCG products, like the Charizard UPC, can be a smart move under the right conditions😎. Here are a few reasons why the Charizard UPC might make for a strong sealed collection investment:

  • Limited Supply: As more Charizard UPCs get opened, the number of sealed ones available decreases. This scarcity could raise their value over time.
  • Promo Cards: The included promo cards, especially if kept in mint condition, might become more valuable over time, adding to the overall worth of the sealed set.
  • Popularity: Charizard’s widespread popularity as one of the most well-loved Pokémon could fuel high demand for the Charizard UPC, contributing to its investment potential.

Will sealed Charizard UPC go up in value?

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The value of the Charizard UPC has been unpredictable since its launch. Initially priced at $119, it faced a drop in value on the secondary market due to a larger print run than expected.

Currently, it has shown a modest increase to about $100💹. However, forecasting the future value of the Charizard UPC is uncertain and relies on several factors.

Below is a table summarizing potential factors that could impact the sealed Charizard UPC’s value:


Influence value

Limited Supply

A decrease in sealed supply could increase the UPC’s value.

Promo Cards Condition

The better the condition of promo cards, the higher the value

Popularity and Demand

The continued popularity of Charizard may drive demand and value.

Rarity and Collectibility

Rarity and desirability among collectors contribute to value.

General Market Trends

Fluctuations in the overall TCG market can affect the UPC’s value.

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