When is nighttime in Pokémon Go? (when does nighttime begin in Pokémon Go?)

One aspect that has fascinated me ever since the 1990s Pokémon Go craze is how nighttime is influential during the game💪.

I like nighttime when playing Pokémon go because of the nocturnal Pokémon and how the sky is dark and the weather is gloomy.

As a Pokémon enthusiast, I will help you understand how day and night work during the game and how to identify whether it’s day or night while it is raining.

Let’s get started;

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How does day and night work in Pokémon go?

when does nighttime begin in Pokémon Go?
Day and night in Pokémon go. Image source: Pinterest

Day and night in Pokémon Go works depending on the player’s location at that point. Your geographical location plays a huge role in influencing the night and day and sometimes you will notice that you have limited time both in the day and the night.

The time difference in Pokémon is important especially since it determines how you will spawn some of the Pokémon which should be used during the game.

Sometimes the day and night in Pokémon experience a two-hour lag and that influences the time 😁.

For instance, some of the night Pokémon might still be found two hours after sunrise indicating that a time lag is experienced.

Therefore, you should start the game depending on the night and daytime in your location.

Night time in Pokémon Go

Day time in Pokémon Go

Dark and mysterious

Bright and cheerful

Attracts Pokémon with night preferences

Attracts any Pokémon

Cloudy and foggy

Sunny and clear

What time do day and night work in Pokémon go?

Time and day work in Pokémon depend on the player’s time in their geographical location. You can determine the time in the game by looking at the Pokémon which are available during that time.

For instance, a day in the Pokémon game attracts a lot of Pokémon which are active during the day while night attracts nocturnal Pokémon 🙌.

You can tell the exact time by studying the Pokémon difference in the day and night and identify the exact time that you should start the game.

You should look through the game to determine day and dark mode and see whether you can switch between them.

How do you tell whether it is night or day when it’s raining?

nighttime in Pokémon Go
Night or day in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

It is quite hard to tell whether it is day or night when it is raining on Pokémon Go because you have to depend on the weather changes in your current environment.

The first way to tell whether it’s day or night while it is raining is by looking at the weather icon🥳.

The weather icon in Pokémon Go provides details about the weather, temperature, and time. You can also determine whether it is day or nighttime when it is raining by looking at the type of Pokémon available.

There are Pokémon that are spawned during the day and those that appear during the night.

You should learn about all the Pokémon that appear during the day and those available during the night because they will help a lot when telling the time difference.

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