What Moves Does Leons Charizard Know? (Leons Charizards Moveset)

Leon’s Charizard has been my favorite since I started playing Pokémon games a while back. Leon is the strongest Pokémon trainer, and his ace Charizard is considered one of the strongest Charizards.

The fascinating thing about the two is that Leon often teaches his Charizard new moves depending on his opponent.

This became so intriguing that I deep-dived into Charizard to know what and how many moves he knows.

Here’s what I found out.

What moves does Leon’s Charizard know?

What Moves Does Leons Charizard Know? 
Leon’s Charizard. Image source: Pokemon

Since their debut in February of 2021, I have been mesmerized by Leon’s Charizard moves that vary depending on the battle, game version, or event he is a part of.

He could mainly use Dragon Pulse, Air Slash, Ancient Power, and Diamonji, combined with other hidden skills to ensure he 🏅 wins every battle.

If you want to have the fire attack that is needed for a Gigantamax, your Leon’s Charizard will need to use the Dragon Pulse, Dual Wingbeat, Steel Wing, Flare Blitz, and Scorching Sand; these moves have helped me 🏆 win matches with Lucario, gyarados, metagross, Pikachu and Gengar to name but a few.

You can add in the use of Seismic Toss to add in a little bit of drama.

We all remember the iconic fight with Pikachu; he was able to throw a Flamethrower-like attack when he focused his Diamonji, an attack that could seem impossible but was effortless to him.


Appropriate Opponent

Ancient Power


Flame Thrower



Pikachu and Lucario

Air Slash

Sirfetched, Metagross, and Pikachu

Dragon Pulse


Scorching sands

Pikachu and Gengar

How does Leon Charizard use ancient power?

Ancient power 📈 increases the statistics by 10% in one battle stage by attacking its opponent with pre-historic power; In general, it is easy for Leon Charizard to use ancient power, a rock-type move that Pokémon learn by technical machine or levelling.

Many Pokémon, for example, Yanma, Tyrunt, and Piloswine, have learned ancient powers that a Charizard can get by breeding, but this happens when you get 🪺 egg moves to breed a male dragon with a female Charmander, Charizard, or Chameleon.


Why does Leon’s Charizard know so many moves?

Unlike other Pokémon species we’ve come across, Leon’s Charizard can adapt to each battle and update his moveset while in a fight; this is incredible, for it gives him an edge in all his contests.

He understands that some moves are effective depending on the opponent, meaning he retains his past moves and learns more while in the battle.

Therefore, he has many moves compared to other Pokémon. He has the ability to change moves to equal and overpower the opponent’s capabilities properly, and I think this makes him the most powerful 🔥.

What is the strongest move a Charizard can learn?

What Moves Does Leons Charizard Know? 
Strongest move a Charizard can learn. Image source: Pokemon

If you want to make iconic moves with your Leon’s Charizard, I recommend the Fire Spin, Wing Attack, and Blast Burn 🎇.

These moves are guaranteed to give you the highest score, and they can deal with damage when battling in neutral weather.

A bonus tip is to get your Leon’s Charizard to Blast Burn and an Elite Charge Technical Machine.

If you are dealing with a fast Pokémon, you must make the Dragon Breath, Ember, or Wing Attack move to have an edge against your opponent.

What is Leon Charizard’s best dragon move?

Dragon Claw is Charizard’s best dragon move and overall one of the best Charizard moves. As a charged move, his best moves are the Dragon Claw, Fast Move, the Blast Burn, and Wing Attack.

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