What are black holes in Pokemon Go? (What is an Ultra Wormhole in Pokemon Go?)

The black holes in Pokémon Go are ultra wormholes, which are entry points for ultra beasts from the ultra space. 😟Even though I used to enjoy playing Pokémon Go, I stopped after getting defeated.

A friend convinced me to try again after the introduction of ultra wormholes and ultra beasts. I started learning about when such holes appear and how to battle ultra-beasts.

🙌 I even teamed up with other players and had a successful battle against ultra beasts. This experience compelled me to share more about black holes and their function.

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Why are Ultra Wormholes appearing in Pokémon Go?

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Ultra wormholes show up to indicate that an ultra beast is going to emerge. Ultra Wormhole is a franchise mechanic that was added to Pokémon Go to captivate gamers.

These holes are unstable portals that connect the Pokémon world with a different dimension known as the Ultra Space.

Ultra Space is a world that is totally different from ours since it is filled with mysterious beings.

You can find ultra wormholes above the gym during special events when they are active. They appear in place of raid eggs after the timer counts down and give you the opportunity to catch an ultra beast.

Start by visiting the nearby menu and watch out for the portal symbol. ⚠️However, approach them carefully since they can be pretty dangerous.

What is the purpose of ultra wormholes in Pokémon Go?

What is the purpose of ultra wormholes in Pokémon Go?
Ultra wormholes in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Ultra wormholes simply serve as portals. They pave the way for ultra beasts to be part of Pokémon Go. Before being introduced in Pokémon Go, Ultra wormholes first made their appearance in Sun and Moon on the Nintendo 3Ds.

Professor Mohn was the first one to discover Ultra wormholes.

These holes allowed Ultra beasts to make their way from Ultra Space to the Alola region.

Ultra wormholes were introduced in Pokémon Go in June 2022 during Fest. The Ultra Beast that you can expect to show up from ultra wormholes depends on the current event since the beast raids only show up during events.

Ensure you keep up with the latest event news on Pokémon Go blogs.

For you to catch an ultra beast, you need to be present when an ultra wormhole comes through into the gym and be ready to use your Raid Pass to battle it.

🤝Consider teaming up with other gamers in person or use Remote Raid Passes to battle ultra beasts.

Since ultra beasts are as powerful as Legendaries, they can be a game changer in the Go Battle League meta.

Below are the Ultra Beasts that come from ultra space into Pokémon Go.

Ultra beasts



Dark/ Dragon


Flying/ Steel


Grass/ Steel




Bug/ Fighting


Bug/ Fighting



ultra beast - poke ball-Pokémon Go

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If you manage to defeat an ultra beast, expect to receive some ultra balls to throw. Since you can only encounter ultra beasts for a limited time, focusing on the Raid Boss schedule can help you figure out when they are available.

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