What Are the Red Raid Eggs in Pokémon GO? (What does a red egg mean in Pokémon Go?)

Last weekend, I walked 12 km in Pokémon Go and hatched five red eggs that resulted in Vullaby, Thrubbish, Pawniard, Larvitar, and Scraggy.

The eggs took a day to hatch, and I had to use my infinite incubator to hatch all my old eggs to get room for 12km eggs.

I like the eggs for legendaries, although it is difficult to organize when you don’t know which Pokémon will be in a raid.

If you are wondering what the Red Raid Eggs in Pokémon GO are, I will help you answer this question since I have been a Pokémon enthusiast for years.

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What does a red egg mean in Pokémon Go?

What does a red egg mean in Pokémon Go?
Red egg in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Interested in understanding the red Raid Eggs in Pokémon GO?A red egg in Pokémon Go means there is a high chance of hatching a Legendary Pokémon, which is tough to capture and defeat.

These eggs hatch after 24 Hours. Once they hatch, you must take 30 minutes to defeat the powerful Raid Boss.

The only friends you will be able to invite, are those near the Gym. Remote Raid Passes are not used in Elite Raids.

These Elite Raids show in the game at 5 PM,2 PM, or 11 AM in the local time zone. In the future, the Raid Boss and the Hatching period might change.

The mechanics of the game might also be changed by Niantic anytime.

The Red Raid Eggs in Pokémon Go are worth looking out for in the game, because they may contain the most powerful Pokémon.

Does the color of the egg matter in Pokémon Go?

Wondering what a red egg means in Pokémon Go?
Color of the egg in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

👍Yes, the color of the egg matters in Pokémon Go because it reveals how challenging the Raid Boss will be. You can defeat pink eggs more easily than yellow eggs. It is challenging to defeat Legendary Eggs that contain Legendary Pokémon.

The egg color only indicates how high a Raid Boss’s CP will be. So you can find any species of Pokémon in any colored egg.

🙅The egg color or number of symbols near the egg determines the level of the Raid. Pink-colored eggs appear over Raids in Levels 1 and 2 and are the easiest and the most common to defeat.

Yellow eggs are in levels 3 and 4, while purple Eggs with white stripes are in level 5. Mega Eggs pop up as often as Level 5 Raids and are beige and red in color.

Can we get 5 different colored raid eggs?

Interested in the meaning of a red egg in Pokémon Go?
Different colored raid eggs. Image source: Pinterest

Wondering what the red Raid Eggs mean in Pokémon GO?Yes, you can get five different colored raid eggs. The eggs are grouped according to the km it takes to hatch them such as, 7 km eggs or 12 km eggs.

Pokémon Go has six different eggs with different colors.




Green spots


Orange spots


Yellow with pink spots


Purple spots


Red spots

5/10km Adventure Sync Eggs

Orange/Purple spots

The most common type of egg is the 2km egg, while the rarest is the 12 km egg. The eggs are classified by the distance that players will walk for them to hatch.

Each egg category hatches different types of Pokémon and is generated randomly.

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