What Pokémon can talk? (What Pokémon can speak human?)

The majority of Pokémon cannot fully speak the human language. That’s why I love it 🤓when a talking Pokémon pops up in one of my games or anime shows.

Since there are thousands of Pokémon episodes and games, I was curious to know how many Pokémon in the entire franchise can speak like us or communicate with us.

Keep reading to find out what Pokémon can speak the human language.

How many Pokémon have the ability to fully speak?

What Pokémon can speak human?
Meowth. Image source: Pokemon

Only a couple of Pokémon can fully speak like a human. The most prominent example in the Pokémon universe is Meowth.

This Pokémon taught itself to walk, talk, and stand upright like a human being. Some would argue that Meowth is Team Rocket’s most valuable member. He can hold a conversation and not just imitate human sounds.

Meowth’s story is so relatable. In episode 16 (season 2), we learn that he fell in love 💓 with a girl who was way out of his league. So, he learned to act and speak like a human to impress her.

Meowth would visit a dance academy and watch people rehearse. He also took pronunciation lessons and used a picture book to learn proper speech.

As you can see, this is not just some magical power that Meowth stumbled upon. Its ability to speak was an intentional decision to work toward achieving something 💯.

What Pokémon can speak human?

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Another Pokémon that can execute human speech is a Zoroark. This dark-type Pokémon is a master of disguise. It takes on the human form and speaks fluently.

Zoroark appears as a male backpacker in Pokémon White 2 and Black 2. With that said, Zoroark, in its natural form, does not seem to have the same abilities, unlike Meowth.

A summary of other Pokémon that can communicate to humans


Method of communicating with humans


It’s intelligent enough to learn human speech.


It loves showing off to people while granting their wishes.


Uses Telepathy to send people a message when necessary.


Disliked humans but still communicated with them through telepathy.

What Legendary Pokémon can learn human speech?

Which Pokémon can talk? 
Legendary Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Some Pokémon fans believe that Jynx, a legendary Pokémon, can easily learn to speak like a person. This Pokémon has a humanlike appearance that some people take offence to due to the racial element.

You see, its female silhouette 💁🏼‍♀️, blond hair, and dark face are viewed as blackface by critics like Carole Boston Weatherford.

Since Jynx’s speech is close to the human language, many argue that this legendary Pokémon can learn to speak just like Meowth did.

How do other Pokémon communicate with humans?

Psychic types have various methods of communicating effectively with humans. That’s because they can read your mind and understand your thoughts.

A great example is Calyrex from the Sword and Shield games. This Pokémon can take over a human being and speak through them. Rotom does the same by getting into a Pokedex.

Other psychic types, like Lucario, have the cool ability to communicate to communicate with people. This Pokémon uses telepathy to read a person’s thoughts and even send a message to them.

Lucario can even sense human emotions and respond accordingly. These abilities are supported by Lucario’s connection to aura.

Chatot is another Pokémon that has shown dedication to the human language. Since its talent is imitation, Chatot can speak fluently by copying what a human being is saying.

Its Pokedex data suggests that it also can speak, thanks to its human-like tongue 👅.

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