Should Charizard Learn Flare Blitz? (Is Flare Blitz a Good Move for Charizard?)

Recently, I was reeled into an online debate about the merits and demerits of using Flare Blitz. Most argued against it, citing the recoil damage wasn’t worth it, while others swore by it.

I lean towards the latter. After all, Flare Blitz isn’t the only move with recoil damage 🧐. Plus, its usefulness in battle far outweighs the cost to your Charizard.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning…

Is Flare Blitz a good move for Charizard?


Yes. Flare Blitz is a good move for your Charizard. It has impressive stats and deals significant damage to your opponent. However, be careful when using it since it has a 33% recoil damage.

It’s best used against opponents with lower HP. The table below summarizes Flare Blitz’s stats ⬇️:


Fire 🔥







Power Points



Charizard cloaks himself in fire and charges at the opponent. The 120 BP and 100% accuracy ensure he deals significant damage. However, Charizard will absorb 1/3 of the damage he causes. Flare Blitz has a 10% chance of burning your opponent.

Is Flare Blitz a physical or special attack?

How effective is Flare Blitz as a move for Charizard?
Flare Blitz. Image source: Pinterest

In most games, Flare Blitz is a physical attack. Most Physical attacks rely on contact to deal damage to the opponent.

As mentioned, Charizard covers himself in flames and charges at his opponent. He deals damage upon impact and absorbs the recoil damage.

However, in the Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate games, Flare Blitz is a side special attack. Most Special attacks don’t rely on impact to deal damage, which makes Flare Blitz in these games unique.

How much damage can a Charizard deal when they use Flare Blitz?

This depends on the opponent’s type and stats. As mentioned, Flare Blitz has a 120 BP and 100% accuracy. These stats mean the move deals significant damage to the opponent.

Furthermore, the move has a 33% recoil damage and a 10% chance of burning your opponent. Based on these stats, we can conclude that Flare Blitz must cause damage above 50% to be worth it 🔥.

At what level does Charizard learn Flare Blitz?

Is it advisable to teach Charizard the move Flare Blitz?
Charizard learn Flare Blitz. Image source: Pinterest

This varies with the game you’re playing. In Pokémon UNITE, Charizard learns Flare Blitz at level 7 as a Charmeleon. You’ll have to upgrade Fire Spin to Flare Blitz.

In Generations 8 and 9, Charizard learns Flare Blitz after leveling up. You’ll need to level up your Charmander to Level 40, your Charmeleon to Level 54, and your Charizard to Level 62. Here’s how to level up your Pokémon:

  1. Fight and win against other Pokémon. The more you win, the more experience points your Charizard gains, and the faster he’ll level up.
  2. Find and use rare candies to instantly level up your Charizard.
  3. Feed your Charizard specific vitamins and berries to improve his stats and level up faster.
  4. Evolve your Charmander or Charmeleon.

How else can Charizard learn Flare Blitz?

Does Flare Blitz make for a strong choice in Charizard's move set?
Charizard Flare Blitz. Image source: Pinterest

You can also teach your Charizard Flare Blitz using Technical Machines and Records. For instance, use TM165 to teach Flare Blitz in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

You’ll find this in the Pokémon Center in Area Six. To get it, battle seven trainers and claim your reward from the Battle League representative.

If you’re playing Sword and Shield, visit Watt Traders in the Wild Area or complete Max Raid Battles to obtain TR55.

Alternatively, you can breed Charmander with Flare Blitz. To do this, breed a female Charizard with this trait to a male.

The resulting Charmander will have this move. You can use a Heart Scale to remind it at any stage if it forgets.

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