Is Pokémon Go losing players? (why are Pokémon players abandoning Pokémon Go?)

Yes, Pokémon Go players are abandoning the game because they are unsatisfied with some of game’s features. I joined the Pokémon Go bandwagon back in 2017.

Frankly, this game got me through the pandemic. Otherwise, I would have lost my mind being home all day 😅. With that said, the game has been going downhill in terms of excitement.

I thought I was the only one who felt this way until I went online and learned many other players shared the same opinion.

Keep reading to learn why Pokémon Go is losing players every other day.

Is Pokémon Go losing popularity?

Is Pokémon Go losing popularity?
Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, Pokémon Go is quickly losing its appeal for various reasons. For starters, the execution of new features has been underwhelming👎.

At the beginning of 2023, Niantic nerfed remote Raids and promised players new features to make the game more exciting. These features included Shadow Raids, Routes and Showcases.

According to Pokémon Go fans, these new features fell short of excitement. Some players even say the upgrades did not make the game more enjoyable or engaging.

In some cases, the new features fail to deliver at all.

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Another reason people are not enjoying the game as much is the reversal of the updates made during the pandemic.

During the 2020-2021 pandemic, Niantic added cool features like spin distance, increased spawn and greater value when you perform Remote Raid Passes.

Due to that, more people found a reason to enjoy the game and invite their friends and family to play.

After the Pandemic, Niantic had the bright idea to revert to the pre-pandemic features. Many players were unhappy about it, which led to a big percentage of them abandoning the game.

Even the updates like Party Play have not improved the experience as much as expected. Players say that such features do not offer anything new.

Even the addition of new shiny beats and pocket Monsters ends up feeling redundant over time.

Why is Pokémon Go losing players?

Why is Pokémon Go losing players?
Pokémon Go losing playing. Image source: Pinterest

One of the main reasons Pokémon Go is losing players is the boring 🙄 in-game events. Players do not like that the game reuses featured Pokémon from past events.

If you already have these Pokémon in your account, it takes away from the excitement of catching them.

There’s also a section of players who do not appreciate region-specific events. If you can’t afford to travel to that region, you won’t get to enjoy some events.

Having to settle for the same boring events in your region makes most players lose interest in the game.

Additionally, costumed Pokémon have become too available, which takes away from the challenge of catching them.

Pokémon Go fans have long felt that Niantic does not consider community input when making updates, or other decisions about the game.

A major concern among players is the shift in the operation of Remote Raid Passes.

Many players feel that the passes have become too expensive. What’s more the game developer seems to be more fixated on adding new features, instead of fixing the numerous bugs in the game.

In light of this, players keep finding new reasons to give up on Pokémon Go 😮‍💨.

Below is a summary of Pokémon Go annual players between 2019-2022

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113 million


86 million


71 million


62 million

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