Can Charizard use hyper beam? (can you teach Charizard hyper beam?) 🐉🐉

Since I started playing Pokémon, I have enjoyed each character’s various powers in battle. Initially, I thought each character had limited powers until I learned how to train characters to acquire new powers. Charizard is one such character that I have introduced to gain new powers, especially the ability to use hyperbeam.

This has enabled me to have better chances against my opponents on the battlefield, and I have grown to love Charizard, making it one of my favorite Pokémon🐉🧡.

Inspired by my success, I have decided to share with you how you can train Charizard to use Hyperbeam. Please stick with me to learn how.

Why can’t Charizard learn Hyperbeam on its own?

Can Charizard use hyper beam? 
Hyperbeam. Image source: Pinterest

The hyperbeam move is a normal type of charge in Pokémon that characters use to do non-contract damage to their enemies.

Charizard cannot learn hyperbeam independently because it was not designed to use this move. Charizard evolved from Charmander, created without the ability to understand the move.

Charmander, therefore, has to grow to Charizard first before learning to use hyperbeam. Once evolved, it must be trained on the new moves available to better compete in battle.

Charizard can then learn hyperbeam as an offensive move by being taught to use it step by step through Hyperbeam TM (Technical Machines). This will allow it to inflict heavy damage on opponents.

The move inflicts severe damage on the opponent and is quite effective on the battlefield.

Can Charizard use hyper beam? 

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Can you teach Charizard hyperbeam?

can you teach Charizard hyper beam?
Charizard hyperbeam. Image source: Pinterest

Charizard Pokémon is open to learning new moves that are beneficial on the battlefield, including the hyper beam.

This move can be taught to Charizard through repeated learning through the Hyper Beam Technical Machines.

Technical machines (TMs) are used to teach Pokémon characters moves that they can use in battle if they are compatible with the move in question.

You need to purchase this move from the platform and teach the Charizard one at a time. Once trained, you will have a better gaming experience by unleashing your new lethal moves on your enemies in battles.

How to teach your Charizard hyperbeam

Can Charizard use hyper beam? 
Charizard hyperbeam. Image source: Pinterest

You can teach Hyperbeam to your Charizard on your own using the Hyper-beam TM, depending on the game you are playing. This is located in the Pokémon world from where you select the technical machine.

First, you need to know the game you are playing and the type of skill you need to teach the Pokémon and train them on the same.

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, for instance, the hyper beam is located at TM163 on the TM machine. Select Charizard from the list of Pokémons you intend to teach hyper beam.

Select the TM option and go through the list of options till you get to hyper beam, then select. Confirm the selection to allow the Pokémon to be familiarized with the technique.

The location of the beam is different depending on the game.

Hyper Beam ⚡

Can Charizard use hyper beam?
Hyper Beam. Image source: Pinterest

⚡ Hyperbeam is an effective fighting tactic involving a normal charge move aimed at an opponent used by Pokémon characters in battle🔥.

However, it is a draining move since a character needs to recharge to be able to use it again. Each use brings down its compelling power to 75.

Hyper beam requires 100 energy and inflicts damage of about 150. In addition, it has a 90% accuracy level and an animation duration of 3.8 seconds.

However, no recharge is needed if the beam knocks out the target, misses, or if it knocks a substitute.













Makes contact?


Animation duration

3.8 seconds

Damage per second


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