Can Charizard use z-moves? (Is z-move good for Charizard?)

Since I discovered z-moves, which debuted in Generation VII, I have always been curious 🤔 whether Charizard can use these moves in battle.

Being an avid fan of Pokémon for a while now, I have come across different moves of different Pokémons.

When I first learned of z-moves, the first question I had was whether any Pokémon could use these moves. To find my answer, I looked into the ability of Charizard to use z-moves.

So, if you want to find out if z-move is good for Charizard, please tag along.

Is z-move good for Charizard?

Can Charizard use z-moves?

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Z-moves are a power-up of normal moves that a Pokémon has. Since they come in varying powers, some z-moves can be pretty damaging to Charizard. Z-moves are powerful attacks, meaning they require a lot of energy to execute.

This can drain a large amount of Charizard’s energy 🥴. However, with adequate training, Charizard can minimize the amount of energy it spends in executing a z-move.

Apart from the energy-drain risk Charizard faces, z-moves have another disadvantage 😪. A z-move can only be used once per battle.

If, by any chance, the Charizard trainer doesn’t have a z-ring or z-crystal, the Charizard may face trouble in performing a z-move.

What is Charizard’s z-move?

Can Charizard use z-moves?
Charizard’s z-move. Image source: Pinterest

In the Pokémon Sun and Moon series, we get to see some of Charizard’s z-moves in action. The first z-move is the Supersonic Skystrike.

To execute a z-move, the trainer and its Charizard must perform a series of poses to build a z-power.

This is what Kiawe and his Charizard do. After the poses, Charizard generates a blue aura and then flies high into the sky. Afterward, it descends on its opponents with a big force. This slams the opponent into the ground.

Kiawe uses this move in the episode ‘Run, Heroes, Run!’. The effect of this z-move is that it inflicts damage on the opponent.

The power of this z-move depends on the move it is based on. We can categorize the moves into either special or physical.

Some of these base moves include:





Air slash






Aero blast






Sky attack



Wing attack



Air cutter


Another move that Charizard has is the Inferno Overdrive. This is a fire-type 🔥 z-move that has the same effect as the Supersonic Skystrike, which is the damaging effect.

Just like a Supersonic Skystrike, the power of this z-move entirely depends on the base move used.

In Dreams of the Sun and Moon, Charizard uses this move together with his trainer, Kiawe. Unlike the blue aura Charizard creates in the Supersonic Skystrike, the Inferno Overdrive manifests as a huge ball of yellow-orange fire.

To attack its opponents, Charizard launches the fire towards them. The base move of this z-move is the fire punch and the flamethrower.

Can you teach Charizard z-moves?

Can Charizard use z-moves? 

There are several rules regarding the use of z-moves. Since Charizard is a Pokémon, it can use z-moves as long as its normal moves correspond to the moves in the z-crystal it is holding.

Apart from this, the trainer must have a z-ring or a z-power ring in order for the two to perform the z-pose together. The Charizard must be non-mega evolved and non-primal.

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